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The Accounting: Book I of the Non-Conformity Chronicles

Non-Conformity is Life

         What are the practical and moral boundaries on genetic alteration of people and the other life forms in our environment? What are the practical, phylosophical and political implications of widespread advanced paranormal abilities in a human population. What are the potentials, limitations and potential problems with artificial intelligence and Sentience in super computer based intelligence? If you haven't given this much thought, you will after you have read this riveting story.

         This story is science fiction, mystical adventure, conspiracy and counter conspiracy, and lite action adventure. The heroes are super psychic computer hackers, native shaman, elite scientists, mystical masters, a quantum super computer, and a few ordinary people caught in the action

         Future pandemics, natural disasters, wars, and dehumanizing conspiracies destroy the world we know and create five divergent cultures that represent the best and worst of humanity. The key factor is the natural development of Spiritual faculties or psychic abilities in humans and the efforts of some to suppress them. In the future, a master conspiracy executed by psychic computer hackers strives to fix all that is broken and bring the five cultures into convergence.

         This fast action story strikes to the core of scientific and moral issues facing us today. Our science and technology make powerful choices possible and powerful consequences as well. What if multiple divergent timelines were manifest simultaneously? What if an act of supreme intervention and non-conformity brought all of the principal timelines back into convergence?

         The science and technology that have the most powerful impacts are genetic engineering, psychological and social engineering, energy technology, cybernetics and artificial intelligence. None of these are either good or bad in and of themselves. They can be tools for great good or for destruction and great evil. The difference is in choices made by individuals. This story illustrates the contrast in the consequences of different choices made and the drastically different futures that those choices can create.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - What You Need to Know
Chapter 2 - To be Accepted or Rejected
Chapter 3 - A Grim Choice
Chapter 4 - The First Clue
Chapter 5 - The Road Less Traveled
Chapter 6 - Why Me?
Chapter 7 - From Out of Nowhere
Chapter 8 - The Road Not Traveled
Chapter 9 - Invisible Friends
Chapter 10 - What We See and What We Don't
Chapter 11 - Arrival
Chapter 12 - The Man in Charge?
Chapter 13 - Power and Choice
Chapter 14 - The Mission
Chapter 15 - Travel
Chapter 16 - A Good Call
Chapter 17 - The Devil's Tower
Chapter 18 - What Scientists Do
Chapter 19 - What Really Happened
Chapter 20 - Perspective
Chapter 21 - Something is Wrong
Chapter 22 - Pandemic Day
Chapter 23 - Denver
Chapter 24 - What Woke Up?
Chapter 25 - Rough Ride
Chapter 26 - The Guardian Algorithm
Chapter 27 - I've Got Your Back
Chapter 28 - Announcing
Chapter 29 - Run!
Chapter 30 - A Day in the Life of a Happy Man
Chapter 31 - Pandora's Boxes
Chapter 32 - Plato
Chapter 33 - Hitchhiking
Chapter 34 - Re-Orientation
Chapter 35 - The Day the Lights Went Out
Chapter 36 - Then He Soiled His Pants
Chapter 37 - Meet the Neighbors
Chapter 38 - The Non-Conformist Training Manual
Chapter 39 - Sentience
Chapter 40 - Samantha
Chapter 41 - Leon Pulaski
Chapter 42 - Points of View
Chapter 43 - Awakening
Chapter 44 - Reflection
Chapter 45 - You Forgot Something
Chapter 46 - Hidden
Chapter 47 - Elysium


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