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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

Chapter 10 - What We See and What We Don't

"Before you can change your internal programming, you need to have a basic concept of what it is and how it works. Think of the conscious mind as the logical reasoning mind. Think of the subconscious mind as the believing mind. Beliefs are assumptions regarding what is real, what reality is, what is possible and what is not, what is allowed and what is not, and how things work. Our lives are shaped, defined, and limited by a long list of assumptions, many of which we are completely unconscious of. In fact, most of our assumptions aren't even our own." - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         Dora and Dr. Baker had been walking along the old trail for the better part of a day. Dora continued her orientation, "Actually, the number of human beings living outside the domain of the Central Accountant is relatively small, but they are very capable and highly diverse. The people in your world are the descendants of the servants, administrators and professional class who served, supported and empowered the former elite class. The elite claimed a special entitlement that gave them the right to manage the lives of the population for their own purposes.

         The Central Accountant was created in part from a sincere belief that human beings were flawed and incapable of living peacefully in a win-win arrangement. It was believed that an impartial logic based computer would be able to manage human affairs in a manner that would eliminate war, inequality, unfairness, economic instability and human conflict.

         Of course, the real reason the elite supported this belief was because they believed they could control the Central Accountant. It was their intention to covertly exert control without appearing to be in control. It was called the Zeitgeist project.

         Getting this covert control paradigm to work required the acceptance of central authority and conformity to a defined dogma of beliefs and limitations. This, in turn, required that all perceptions of reality be confined to the five senses and that a philosophy of reductionist materialism be embraced as the only reality.

         This requires that all information be compartmentalized and tightly controlled. To accomplish this, all communication had to be confined to language transferred by verbal and electronic media. In my reality, communication takes place directly from mind to mind and from soul to soul without the limitations of material media. Ironically, the elite cultivated these paranormal faculties, but attempted to keep them for themselves.

         In very ancient times, individuals with extrasensory abilities served as seers, healers and teachers. Their skills were important to the survival of their tribes. Later, as civilization spread and large domains of control over people and resources were established, these people were criminalized, discredited and killed to prevent them from challenging the materialistic control paradigms. These purges were known as inquisitions, witch burnings and genocidal massacre. The apex of the suppression effort came with the genetic and social re-engineering of the population."

         "But you said that the Central Accountant eliminated the elite class?" Dr. Baker asked.

         "Yeah! Their philosophy of special entitlement proved to be incompatible with computer logic. They are no longer part of the gene pool. It is a great loss too, most of them were intelligent and talented," Dora replied.

         Dr. Baker was shaking his head in disbelief. "This is preposterous. I am an educated person with epsilon level information access. If this were true, I would know at least something about it! Your assertion that telepathy is real and normal is a myth. I learned that in my high school Psychology, undergraduate Psychology and clinical Psychology courses."

         "The problem is that you were given incorrect information to manipulate you into reaching incorrect conclusions. You were lied to. Can you accept that as a possibility?" Dora asked.

         "No!" Dr. Baker was now flip flopping on blindly accepting and categorically rejecting nearly everything in front of him.

         "Can you accept the possibility that materialism and science defined as materialism as a definition of reality is incorrect?" she asked.

         "No!" he responded emphatically.

         "Can you accept the possibility that you think the way you do because incorrect information was presented to you as truth and that the lies were intentional?" she asked.

         "No!" Dr. Baker was becoming very angry and agitated.

         "Can you accept the possibility that you are incapable of seeing something that you have no preprogrammed definition for or experience of?" she asked.

         "No! That is absurd."

         Dr. Baker suddenly found himself on the ground lying flat on his back staring at the sky. This was all very puzzling because he saw nothing on the trail in front of him. Dora came up from behind and helped him up. "Stand up and look straight down the trail," she directed. "Do you see it?"

         "See what?" he asked.

         "Extend your hand before you and walk forward slowly."

         He walked slowly forward and abruptly stopped. His hand touched something warm and soft. Jerking back abruptly, he exclaimed, "It moved!" The movement was accompanied by a loud "Snort".

         "What moved?" she asked.

         "There . . . there is something here!"

         "What is it?" she asked.

         "I . . . I don't know. I've never seen anything like it before," he replied.

         "So, can you see it now? What is it?" she asked.

         "It is some kind of large animal. And there is a man sitting on top of it," he replied.

         "Does the man look familiar?" she asked.

         "No. He seems to be dressed in some kind of animal skins, has a very strange hairdo and paint on his face and body," he replied.

         "The animal is called a horse. They were standing in the trail the whole time, but you didn't see them because your mind had nothing to compare your retinal images to, so it ignored them. Let me introduce you to Mo'ehno'ha. He is a scout and shaman of the Sioux Confederation. They are a coalition of many Native American tribes and those of other races who choose to practice a traditional Native American semi-aboriginal lifestyle and Spiritual practice."

         "Pleased to meet you Dr. Baker, we have heard a great deal about you," Mo'ehno'ha said in smooth soft voice. "Dora, we have to go back, there is someone else who needs immediate help!"

         "What do you mean, go back? I'm wanted for reprogramming. I have no intention of becoming a COMM terminal operator!" Dr. Baker objected.

         "It's not about you doctor. Trust me, we won't let anything happen to you, but there is someone else. He has been assisted by my Spirit allies. He is probably in the city now, but missed you," Mo'ehno'ha replied.

         "I should have sensed this," Dora said with some distress.

         "You've been distracted. I brought enough horses for all of us, as you requested," Mo'ehno'ha replied.

         "But we came to the trail head in a vehicle. It will take the horses ffive days to get back to the city," Dora said.

         "The Scientists can help us. Unfortunately, they have neglected their telepathy, so contacting them that way is unreliable. However, I do have one of their quantum entanglement transceivers," Mo'ehno'ha replied.

         Mo'ehno'ha pulled a device with a screen out of his leather saddle bag and activated it. The screen lit up with a wavy swirl of colors that sort of resolved into an image of a man's face.

         "Why is his face so distorted?" Dr. Baker asked.

         "The quantum entanglement transceiver transfers information, but is more a transmission of intent, purpose and concepts rather than hard binary data," Mo'ehno'ha replied.

         "Mo'ehno'ha! What can I do for you?" the jolly swirly face asked.

         "It's good to see you doctor Schrodinger. We need urgent transport for three people. Can you help us?"

         "I never thought I would see you choose technology over horses! What is the special occasion?" Dr. Schrodinger asked.

         "It's the restoration project. There's been a development!" Mo'ehno'ha replied.

         "Ah! Let me see what I can do," Dr. Schrodinger replied.

         A few minutes later the face re-appeared on the screen, this time much more distinct. "We can have a gravity hopper free in two hours. Where do you want it?" he asked.

         "We will meet you at the Springs trailhead," Mo'ehno'ha replied.

         "See you shortly," Dr. Schrodinger replied and vanished from the screen.

         "Mount up. We'll have to hurry."

         Dr. Baker looked reluctant, terrified even. He had met a horse face to face only a few minutes before, and now he was expected to ride one, and bare back no less.

         Dora helped him get mounted. As he sat uncomfortably and hesitantly on the back of the horse, the horse slowly turned her head and gave him the 'You've go to be kidding me!' look. They started down the trail, but his horse wouldn't move. He tried nudging her, commanding her and slapping her, but she just held her head high and stood still. Finally, Mo'ehno'ha turned and looked at the horse and said, "Bess move!"

         With that she started down the trail after the others. When the others weren't watching her any more, she slowly began edging from the middle of the trail to the edge of the trail. The trail was narrow and the edges were lined with blackberry briars and trees. First came the briars. She scraped her rider against the briars and left him scratched and bleeding with torn clothes. Then came a tree. She casually scraped him off and went on walking as if nothing had happened.

         Doctor Baker was flat on his back, scratched, bruised, bleeding and hurting. Mo'ehno'ha heard the thud, stopped and turned around.

         "Horses are intelligent creatures," he said. "They have minds of their own. They have likes and dislikes and personalities. They are also somewhat telepathic. Bess senses your lack of familiarity and confusion and is quite unimpressed with you. In other words, she doesn't like you. Ordinarily, I would guide you through the process of earning the horses respect, but we don't have the time."

         He then turned to the horse, put his hand on her head, looked her in the eyes and said, "Bess, I need you to behave. Dr. Baker is an important friend and you will carry him with care and respect." She snorted once. That was her signal that she understood and agreed.

         He then turned to Dr. Baker and said, "She will behave now, not because she respects you, but because she respects me and I told her to. Don't take it personally, I had to go through the same experience as you, only I did it when I was 5 years old."

         They then trotted swiftly down the trail. It took nearly two hours to get to the Springs trailhead. For Dr. Baker, two hours was an eternity. He spent that eternity holding onto the horse's mane, bouncing ungracefully and sliding uncomfortably from side to side. When they arrived at the highway, he slipped off and his knees buckled.

         A few minutes after their arrival, a large shiny craft drifted silently to the ground and settled quietly on outspread legs. A door opened and Dr. Schrodinger appeared in the opening and motioned for them to enter.

         The horses had never seen one of these craft and were reacting with alarm. Mo'ehno'ha sensed their unease and calmed them. He then removed all of the harness and gear from the horses and addressed the lead horse, Wind. "I have to leave you now, so I want you to take the others and return to the village. I will rejoin you there when I can."

         Wind guided the other horses down the trail and they quickly vanished.

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