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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

Chapter 12 - The Man in Charge?

" There are two master paradigms that characterize everything that is good and bad or good and evil, in humanity, on Earth and in the Universe. These two groups differ in the way they understand reality and how they access knowledge and energy. The fully awake and connected members of the freedom paradigm group have access to the collective knowledge of our knowable universe, are unrestricted in their ability to perceive reality, and have access to unlimited energy. The members of the control paradigm group, because of their separation from the whole, have limited, restricted and distorted knowledge, limited and distorted perception, and limited energy. In the control paradigm, knowledge is power and control of knowledge allows some to control others. In the control paradigm, perception is limited and the manipulation of perception allows some to control others. In the control paradigm, energy is limited and the control and exploitation of many by a few allows the few to acquire energy from the many. " - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         Seymour Code was a very troubled man. He was the Omega chief of security for Central Accounting Administration. Omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet, designated the highest level of access to information and resources that existed within the entire world governed by the Central Accountant. Seymour was supposed to know everything. Yet, he was finding out to his extreme displeasure, that he did not.

         Seymour's office was an octagon. All eight walls were full size graphical displays. The center of the room was a circular pit. The outer layer of the pit consisted of terminals, keyboards, audio visual interfaces and virtual reality interfaces. Behind this was a layer of chairs. The chairs pivoted so one could either view the wall monitors, the desk tops or face the center of the room for direct contact with other persons present. The entry to the room was an elevator, the top of which was a seamless circular portion of floor in the center of the room. There was a central lounge chair mounted on the top of the elevator that enabled one to view everything and everyone in the room.

         The wall monitors were displaying status reports on all of the Central Accounting functions and graphical displays showing all of the interconnections between network components. The displays said that everything was in perfect working order and that everything and everyone was conforming to expectations. Yet, only two days ago, Seymour had seen a report of a young boy with an unusual genetic anomaly. Now that was gone. So was the boy, and without a trace.

         And there was the hacking incident involving Dora Agnesi and Dr. Sam Baker. The investigators had found no clues, the security system revealed no record of their presence or movement and they had effectively vanished into thin air. Even the records of their existence and the investigation had been erased leaving everyone in denial.

         Seymour called in his assistant. "Do you recall the incident a few days ago with the young boy Albert Einstein XIV?"

         "Yes sir. A routine audit found massive anomalies in his genetic structure and messenger protein profile," the assistant replied.

         "Would you access those files?" Seymour asked.

         "Of course, sir," the assistant replied as he sat down before a terminal and entered the commands to pull up the file.

         "Sorry sir. There is no such file," the assistant replied.

         "How can there not be a file when you remember it?" Seymour asked.

         "My memory is in error sir. The Central Accountant has determined that there was no such event. Therefore, my memory is in error. There can be no other explanation," the assistant replied.

         "Do you find any inconsistencies in this situation?" Seymour asked.

         "No sir. The Central Accountant is never wrong!" the assistant replied.

         Seymour sighed deeply. "No wonder hackers have such an easy time tricking the system," he thought to himself. He recalled that the boy was from region eight.

         Seymour issued an order, "All personnel commence a complete audit of region eight starting at Central Accounting Administration and working outward from here."

         The programming staff started going through all of the code line by line looking for any indication of hacking. The maintenance staff began checking all network nodes, cables and interfaces to see if there were any hardware modifications that would allow unauthorized access to the Central Accountant.

         Days later they all reported back. The code was correct and free of back doors. The hardware was all exactly as it should be.

         "There has to be something!" Seymour said.

         "Sorry sir, there aren't any unauthorized anomalies."

         "Unauthorized anomalies? What about authorized anomalies?" Seymour asked.

         "Uh . . . how can there be an authorized anomaly?"

         "Never mind how just check!" Seymour replied.

         "But . . ."

         "That's an order!" Seymour snapped.

         "Yes sir!" A direct order from the Omega chief of security could not be disobeyed. So, they started over from scratch. It was challenging because no one knew what to look for. There was no definition of what an authorized anomaly could be. Days passed with several confusing false alarms. Imagination is not a conformist's strong point. Weeks passed.

         The assistant director came into Seymour's office. "Uh . . . Sir . . . this might be something."

         "Well . . . one of the hardware maintenance technicians at the primary supercomputer facility in Cheyenne Mountain found what might be an authorized anomaly."

         "A hardware anomaly, not software?" Seymour asked.

         "Yes sir."

         "So, what is it?" Seymour asked.

         "We have no idea."

         "More information please!" Seymour snapped.

         "One of the deep maintenance shafts is sealed off and several backbone class network cables leading into the area are disconnected."

         "Is this the first time that anyone has seen this?" Seymour asked.

         "No sir. Everyone in that facility has seen it at one time or another."

         "So, why has no one reported it or questioned it?" Seymour asked.

         "The seal bears an official stamp from Central Accounting Administration forbidding access to the area."

         "How long has this been there?" Seymour asked.

         "The date on the stamp indicates nearly three centuries."

         "Find out everything you can about this. Go through the Central Accounting archives, maintenance records, everything. Make it top priority!" Seymour ordered.

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