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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

Chapter 13 - Power and Choice

"The collective hologram of reality is composed of contributed consciousness from all of its participants whether they are intelligent or stupid, victim or tyrant, the exploiter or the exploited, the enlightened or the clueless. Everyone counts. No one individual can control the hologram. So, is the hologram manipulated? Yes. Those with more knowledge, more information, and more power can influence and sometimes manipulate and manage those with less. Are there conspiracies of individuals working collaboratively for their collective benefit at the expense of the whole? Of course there are, that is how business is frequently done. Is it an even and fair playing field? No, not even close.. The deciding consideration, however, is that those connected to the freedom paradigm, those whose access to expanded perception and greater energy, affect the collective hologram much more than those who are limited by the control paradigm." - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         The shiny disk shaped craft moved through the air above the old interstate at blinding speeds.

         "What powers this craft?" Dr. Baker asked.

         "A Dark Energy Accumulator and Converter or DEAC for short," Dr. Schrodinger replied.

         "Is this what powers my world?"

         "You mean you don't know?" Dr. Schrodinger asked.

         "Of course not! Very few of us have a need to know," Dr. Baker replied.

         "I keep forgetting how narrow and shallow your lives have become. Forgive me and let me fill you in. Your homes are powered by Low Energy Nuclear Reactors or LENR for short. It was once called cold fusion. The LENR generates heat which is either used directly for heating or converted to electricity by thermoelectric converters or into cooling through absorption cycle refrigeration. Do you understand?" Dr. Schrodinger asked.

         "No, but I get the concept," Dr. Baker replied.

         "Your tube transport system, industrial 3D print facilities and metals refineries use large amounts of power and often over a large area, so they have to be supplied by a major power grid. The grid is supplied by hydroelectric dams, geothermal power plants and a number of vintage thorium reactors," Dr. Schrodinger added.

         "So, your technology is much more advanced than the world that I came from?" Dr. Baker asked.

         "Yes. Vastly so," Dr. Schrodinger replied.

         "How did you get a more advanced technology?" Dr. Baker asked.

         "The technology used in the day to day life of a particular society is rarely equal to the technology that exists. The people use the technology that is offered to them, not what is possible. In your world, you are only given enough technology, information and resources to meet your material needs and keep you under control. In pre-revolution times, the primary energy technology was the combustion of fossil hydrocarbon fuels. Alternative and more advanced technologies were suppressed so that powerful people who controlled the fuel sources could extract large amounts of wealth from the world. It wasn't until the fossil fuels came into short supply and the environmental damage from their extraction and use become so unbearably costly that alternatives and new technologies were introduced on a large scale.

         There has always been technology that is more advanced than the general population knows of or even suspects. My ancestors were scientists and engineers who developed that more advanced technology. They worked in the government labs and corporate research and development departments affiliated with the labs. When the revolution came, they took over the top secret facilities where they worked and maintained a separate and protected existence through the chaos. So, my people have a tradition of pushing the envelope of expanding science and technology and integrating it into our lives as soon as feasible as a matter of principal," Dr. Schrodinger explained.

         "At first it was a struggle for survival, we had to implement novel technologies quickly to become self- sustaining. Now that we have provided for all of our needs, we don't invest our resources in projecting power, exerting control over others or accumulating wealth. Instead we invest our surplus time and resources in the advancement of science and art. We also conduct trade with our neighbors. We fabricate basic goods like solar panels, wind turbines and tools for the agrarian settlements and they supply us with food. Real food is somehow better than the 3D printer replicated versions. Have you ever compared a fresh vine ripened tomato with a printer replicated one?" Dr. Schrodinger asked.

         "Yes. Organically grown vegetables are restricted to the higher ranks of my society, those who rank even higher than I do, or did. One of my clients was a deputy director at the regional Central Accounting Administration office. He took me to lunch and we ate fresh organic salads and vegetables and real meat!" Dr. Baker replied.

         "How did you like it?" Dr. Schrodinger asked.

         "Well . . . I didn't dare be rude, but it was . . . just . . . different. And I nearly choked when I found a live bug in my salad! In my world, we are conditioned to stick with what is familiar," Dr. Baker added.

         "If given the choice, and no pressure or expectations, would you choose the fresh organic tomato or the replicated one?" Dr. Schrodinger asked.

         "I've never considered that? I've never had that choice. Now that I think about it, some of the flavors were richer and more varied. I think I might like to try them again," Dr. Baker replied.

         "Have you sampled Dora's wilderness survival cuisine?" Dr. Schrodinger asked.

         "Briefly, we weren't stranded without supplies for very long," Dr. Baker replied.

         "A pity, she can get quite creative on a long survival trek," Dr. Schrodinger said.

         "So, you have met before?" Dr. Baker asked.

         "Oh, yes. Cross cultural exchanges are very common. All of the cultures have agreed to allow complete freedom in individual choice. A large percentage of each culture has spent time living, studying and training in at least one of the other cultures," Dr. Schrodinger replied.

         "So, where does Dora come from?" Dr. Baker asked.

         "Her birth culture was a sub-group of my own that specializes in computer science, artificial intelligence and non-organic consciousness. She proved to be gifted, not only in that area, but very adaptable and curious as well. I met her when we were both living as apprentices in the Sioux Confederation. I also believe she may have spent some time in the Devil's Tower Monastery," Dr. Schrodinger replied.

         "What is the Devil's Tower Monastery?" Dr. Baker asked.

         "Ah . . . the Devil's Tower is a rock projection that rises vertically to about 400 meters above the surrounding plain. Before the revolution it was a national monument in the old United States of America. A few centuries ago, after the revolution, a monastery was built on the top and upper ledge. It is used as a meditation retreat and training facility for those cultivating Spiritual Faculties. The practices employed are derived from traditional Tibetan Buddhism, Native American Shamanism and more contemporary Spiritual Technology. There are no network cables going there, no terminals, no EM spectrum communications," Dr. Schrodinger explained.

         "What are Spiritual Faculties and what is Spiritual Technology?" Dr. Baker asked.

         "You see, the human mind has attributes of consciousness and energy. The energy that I refer to is different than that defined by material science. It has been called Chi, Qi, Ki, The Force, and lots of other things. It is what distinguishes life from inanimate matter. It is what enables one to "sense" or "know" what another is thinking or feeling. It is what enables adepts to shape or manifest matter out of what appears to be nothing. Spiritual technology includes the technique and methodology of using these faculties, and machines that measure, interact with and utilize this force," Dr. Schrodinger explained.

         "Who does these things?" Dr. Baker asked.

         "We all do," Dr. Schrodinger replied.

         "Why can't I and those from my world use these faculties?" Dr. Baker asked.

         "In the greater field of consciousness, there is a matrix of possibilities that are defined and limited by what your mind can accept. What your mind accepts is determined by what you are told and programmed to think. In contrast, my mind is trained to accept and perceive original and unfamiliar possibilities. You have been conditioned to deny this part of yourself," Dr. Schrodinger explained.

         "But why?" Dr. Baker asked.

         "If everyone was telepathic, if secrecy was impossible, if energetic healing was more effective than medical science and universally available, if everyone could teleport themselves at will, if the material laws of physics were mutable by anyone what would happen to the control structure and those who benefit from it?" Dr. Schrodinger asked.

         "I have seen all of these things. There would be free alternatives to all of the resources of the control structure. Without the ability to control access to resources and services, the control structure would have no power to force it's will upon anyone. It would become irrelevant. Spiritual Faculties would be a game changer," Dr. Baker replied.

         "That is why you have been denied this knowledge and this choice," Dr. Schrodinger replied.

         Dr. Baker turned to Mo'ehno'ha and asked, "So, your name is from an archaic Sioux language?"

         "No. It is Cheyenne. It means "Horse!" The Sioux Confederation is named after the Sioux because they took the initiative in organizing it. It includes members from 37 different unique tribes and three non-native clans. While the basic culture is semi-aboriginal, we are all educated and have access to technological tools and advanced science when we want or need them. We choose to make minimal use of them because living close to nature enables us to more easily connect to our Spiritual Source. I have a special relationship with horses. Just as those humans living outside of Central Accounting control are evolving, so are horses."

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