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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

Chapter 15 - Travel

"Truth has value. Knowledge has value. Wisdom has value. Power has value. Those who possess these things affect the collective hologram by their mere presence. Those who act on truth, knowledge, and wisdom with power and compassion affect the collective hologram even more. " - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         The first stop for Dr. Schrodinger's gravity hopper was Devil's Tower. It took less than an hour to make the journey that would have taken over a month on horseback.

         "The journey with horses would have been more satisfying and educational for Albert, but, perhaps another time," Mo'ehno'ha said. "The first time I came here, I travelled on foot. That took me over three months. Then I had to climb 300 meters of vertical rock to get to the monastery. That was part of the test to see if I would be accepted as an initiate. Later I learned that they have an elevator shaft drilled through the middle of the rock with an entrance and transport terminal beyond the base on the other side. There is also a spiral staircase enclosed in glass that goes over 300 meters straight up for a more scenic entrance."

         "How can we communicate with you?" Dr. Baker asked. "You said there are no terminals or network cables there?"

         "No problem, we have telepathy, my allies, and if absolutely necessary, my quantum entanglement transceiver."

         "But, I'm not telepathic," Dr. Baker said.

         "No worries, we'll have you fixed in no time," Dr. Schrodinger replied.

         Dr. Baker felt his head spin and that queasy feeling creeping in again. "You mean that you intend to genetically re-program me?" he asked.

         "I'm offering you an opportunity to acquire what was taken from you over many generations. Do you want it?"

         Dr. Baker sat down hyperventilating again. Avoiding being reprogrammed, dumbed down and reduced to a COMM terminal operator was a no-brainer, but this . . . ? Acquiring genetic traits that were forbidden was crossing a line that had been unthinkable, so unthinkable that he had never even imagined the possibility.

         "Relax," Dr. Schrodinger said. "No one is going to force you to do anything. You can go there when you are ready if you choose to."

         "What about the population under Central Accounting Administration? Will they get to choose?"

         "Their right and ability to choose was taken from them long ago. They are no longer possess the ability to understand the choices offered. Please understand that this is a very difficult subject for us. Our entire value system is built on the ability and right to choose. So, do we intervene and restore their ability to choose by choosing for them without their knowledge or consent? Or do we abdicate and allow the Central Accountant to make the choice to deny all choice? What do you think doctor?"

         This sent Dr. Baker back into hyperventilation and silence.

         "Personally, I think that we have a responsibility to intervene," Mo'ehno'ha said. "They are human. We are human. The Central Accountant is not human. They are us and we are them and we have the power and ability to help. If we do nothing, they are lost. If they are lost, we are all diminished."

         "It is still a karmic decision," Dora said. "The consequences, good, bad and unanticipated are something that we will have to live with and take responsibility for."

         "You see doctor, it makes us queasy too, but after long consideration, we are convinced that this is the right thing to do."

         The gravity hopper settled silently in the central courtyard of the monastery. Mo'ehno'ha and Albert disembarked and were greeted by a monk dressed in the traditional saffron robe of his order. They were expected.

         The gravity hopper rose silently and took off at a blistering speed heading for its next destination, New San Francisco. The original San Francisco was now submerged under an inland sea as a result of a shifting of the earth that occurred just prior to the great revolution. The journey took just over an hour. The craft sat down quietly near a transport terminal at the edge of the city. Dora disembarked and the craft silently rose in the air and again attained great speed and headed toward its next destination.

         Los Alamos was a small self-contained and self-sufficient city located in a large caldera. The caldera was inactive, but centuries earlier, scientists had managed to drill deep into the earth and access geothermal heat sources that provided power for the city. Los Alamos had been the home of a large research complex conducting top secret government research. When the revolution occurred, the scientists had managed to make the city and research complex self-sustaining by the use of abundant geothermal power, 3D printer technology and an innovative elemental extraction technology that enable them to make printer cartridges from common rocks, minerals, soil and air.

         Once they had established self-sufficiency and their ability to maintain their technological base, they were able to resume their mission of primary scientific research. Since they were no longer under the management of an outside entity, they were able to choose their research objectives and convert the results into practical applications. It didn't take long for them to advance well beyond the stagnating world under Central Accounting Administration. The relatively small size of the city, its somewhat remote location and the fact that they had taken it completely off grid, all grids, caused it to escape the attention of the Central Accountant. The fact that they hacked the Central Accounting database and listed the area as uninhabitable because of radioactive contamination discouraged additional inquiries.

         "Los Alamos is not the only scientific community," Dr. Schrodinger continued. "There are many others on all continents and we all communicate and collaborate with each other. A few of the larger ones are Guangzhou in what was China, Obninsk Naukograd in what was Russia, Braunschweig in what was Germany and Kolkata in what was India among many others."

         The gravity hopper settled silently onto its docking pad and the two scientists disembarked. Los Alamos had been converted over time to a remarkably beautiful city with shiny new looking buildings, innovative architecture and park like open space.

         "You have had a long and for you a rather strange day. We need to get an early start in the morning, so I'll show you to your room right after we get some food."

         Dinner consisted of real fresh organic food provided by the nearby Agrarian Freehold.

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