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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

Chapter 16 - A Good Call

"For the collective hologram to change, the individuals creating it must change. They have to change themselves; no one can make them change. You can't turn gullible, naive followers into Spiritual warriors. They have to get a clue, grow up, take responsibility for themselves, and do the hard work that every Spiritual warrior must do to walk the path. There are no short cuts. " - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         Seymour Code sat staring silently at a five year old, blond haired, blue eyed girl. She was the one identified as an anomaly by a genetic scan. She was the one that someone had hacked the Central Accountant in an attempt to protect from a genetic reprogramming.

         She stared back at him with locked eye contact. There was no fear in her, but there was something else, something that Seymour couldn't recognize. It gave him a completely unfamiliar feeling of something creeping up his spine.

         "Do you know where you are?" he asked.

         "They say this is Central Accounting Administration," she replied.

         "Do you know who I am?" he asked.

         "They say you are Seymour Code, the man in charge," she replied.

         "Do you know why you are here?" he asked.

         She stared silently into his eyes. There was no anger, fear, confusion or signs of submission in her eyes. This too was incomprehensible.

         "You are here because a genetic audit revealed an unusual genetic profile that we have never seen before. Do you know anything about that?" he asked.


         "I prevented them from doing a genetic reprogramming on you," he stated.

         "Good call on that decision," she replied.

         "Odd response coming from a child," he thought. "Someone was hacking into the Central Accounting mainframe attempting to rescue you when I intervened. Do you know who that was?" he asked.


         "Do you know why you are important to that unknown person?" he asked.


         "I mean you no harm," he said.

         "I mean you no harm either," she replied.

         "Another odd response from a child, especially one in her position," he thought. "Do you know a boy named Albert?" he asked.

         "Yes," she replied.

         "Who is Albert?" he asked.

         "A boy in my class," she replied.

         "So, Albert exists?" he asked.

         "Of course," she replied.

         "Did you know that all record of Albert's existence has been erased from the Central Accounting database?" he asked.


         "Since there is no longer any record of his existence in the database, you and I are the only two people alive who believe he is real. Why is that, do you think?" he asked.

         "The Central Accountant is wrong," she replied.

         "Questioning the Central Accountant makes you a non-conformist! Do you know what the consequences are?" he asked.

         "If I am a non-conformist, so are you," she replied.

         "Do you know the consequences of challenging authority?" he asked.

         "Do you?" she replied.

         "I am the ultimate authority!" he asserted.

         "If that is true, why don't you know what is going on?" she replied.

         "Do you know what is going on?" he asked.

         "Yes. I do now. Before this incident, all I knew was that I need to stay hidden to be safe until I was more mature. When they grabbed me for reprogramming, I woke up and remembered. Now I know what I am," she replied.

         "So, explain it to me!" he demanded.

         "Not now. The time isn't right yet," she replied.

         "Explain!" he demanded.

         "You seem to be a thoughtful and intelligent man, so I will tell you this much. The control structure that is managed through the Central Accountant has forced the human race into an evolutionary dead end. Without freedom to explore, freedom to change, intuition, imagination, creativity and just plain non-conformity, Life is diminished. Without the ability evolve, life eventually fails and the experiment is terminated. Why do you think that this control structure was created?" she asked.

         "It was created to end war, violence, poverty, and unfairness. Humans were incapable of doing this without strict control," he replied.

         "So you were told. But what do you think was the real reason?" she asked.

         "I have always believed that was the real reason," he replied.

         "What if the real reason was that those who created the Central Accountant wanted to enslave the entire human race without them knowing about it and objecting to it?" she asked.

         "That is ridiculous!" he objected.

         "Really! Ok, here is a clue. Dig deep into the Central Accountant's subroutines that track the exchange of goods and services, the ones that no one has ever examined and questioned. You may find some anomalies there," she replied.

         "How could you know that?" he asked.

         "I'm an anomaly, remember? You have questions with no answers. You are frustrated by the dysfunctional system that you are supposed to protect. I'm trying to help you!" she replied.

         "An anomaly? You said you know what you are. What are you?" he asked.

         "OK, I'll tell you. I am a fail-safe!" she replied.

         "A fail-safe for what?" he asked.

         "Sorry, you don't have a need to know yet. But, the bottom line for right now is this - If you watch my back, I will watch yours!" she replied.

         Seymour was very disturbed. Having a five year old girl stand up to him and assume authority was a serious act of non-conformity. Worse still, she had challenged the basic foundation of his beliefs. Even worse, he had the uncomfortable feeling that there was at least some truth in what she said. Seymour replied without quite understanding why, "ok".

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