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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

Chapter 19 - What Really Happened

"Different belief systems serve slightly different purposes, but they all put restrictions on what is possible. These restrictions are not enforced by reality - they are enforced by the followers of the belief system. We tailor our own results to conform to the rules of the system that we submit to. Then we take our pre-defined results as evidence that the system must be right. Then we proclaim that we must be right, and others must be wrong." - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         After only a moment's rest, his curiosity grew irresistible. He now had to know what restricted information his Omega level clearance would give him access to. He ran his card through the scanner and started browsing through menus. The first thing he noticed was the history files. In all of his education, history had been the briefest of subjects. Now he had the opportunity to learn a lot more. He selected the file called "The Great Economic Revolution".

         The COMM terminal presentation began, "In the early twenty first century, the planet was faced with its most devastating crisis in recorded history. The planet was overpopulated, natural resources were being depleted at an alarming rate and the climate was changing resulting in more floods, droughts and crop failures. There was also ecosystem damage from industrial pollution, pollution from offshore oil drilling, fracking, agricultural pesticides and herbicides and genetically modified organisms running amok.

         The combination of these factors and the timing of events involving a shifting of the earth's crust and climate change created a 'perfect storm' of sorts. This led to a cessation of economic growth and a stagnation of the economies of the nation states. Food production dropped sharply and the prices of life sustaining commodities became too expensive for the majority of people to afford. That resulted in massive food riots, martial law with brutal suppression of the populations and resource wars between the nation states. In these wars, genetically engineered bio-weapons were deployed with the intent of eliminating competing populations without destroying their infrastructure. The bio-weapon pathogens mutated and spread out of control. All of these factors combined killed approximately ninety percent of the world's population.

         With these changes, critical infrastructures became non-functional worldwide. The nation state governments, the wealthy elite, technocrats, and the technical and security personnel required to support this group survived in shelters. Those survivors established communications and collaborated to re-establish a functional society. This was the first real one world government and the predecessor of Central Accounting Administration."

         "What about the other survivors, those not protected in the special shelters?" he asked.

         "There were no other survivors."

         "Of course," Dr. Axelrod thought to himself. "I am talking to the Central Accountant, not Dora or Dr. Schrodinger or any of the others that the Central Accountant doesn't know about!"

         "At that time, individuals carried units of negotiable currency called money. With these, they conducted individual transactions between themselves as well as with the major institutions. To prevent an uncontrolled black market economy and to control the distribution of resources and to control the people completely, the government eliminated money. Money was replaced with resource access cards that provided individuals of different rank with varying degrees of access to all kinds of resources. The management of the digital transactions required to coordinate the virtual economy required a worldwide network of supercomputers. This was the predecessor to the Central Accountant. At first the networks were controlled and managed by an elite class of leaders who were constantly competing for power and control.

         As the super computers advanced, and their integration into society became increasingly universal, artificial intelligence algorithms were created to assume some of the more mundane management functions.

         After the great pandemics were brought under control and the ecosystem stabilized, the new world government began rebuilding the economic, social and technical infrastructure of the planet. It was mandated that no human being would ever have to die starving and diseased on the streets again. To assess the impact of the pandemics on the human race and rebuild the basic structures of society, it was decided to survey and re-engineer the genetic foundation of the entire human race. The world genetics institute was established to serve as a pool for all genetic material in existence."

         He yawned. He had heard all of this before.

         He interrupted the presentation. "What type of disease organisms were responsible for the great pandemics and how did they originate?" he asked.

         "Prior to the bio-genetic wars, several attempts were made to introduce pandemics to selectively cull the population. The first plagues consisted of a series of viruses that selectively invaded and destroyed the immune system. The earliest form of this family of viruses was called the Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS for short. It was a mutated variant of a virus found in monkeys native to Africa. It was developed for investigation as a possible biological weapon in a biological warfare laboratory. It was later introduced into selected segments of the population that were deemed undesirable as a population control measure. The viruses later mutated and spread through most of the rest of the population."

         He sat up in his seat and stared at the COMM terminal! He wasn't bored any more.

         "You mean that the first pandemics were created to deliberately kill the majority of the population!" he asked with astonishment.

         "Yes. That is confirmed," the COMM terminal replied without even a tiny touch of feeling.

         "Did any of this have anything to do with natural processes?" he asked.

         "Yes. Many of the pandemic agents released into the population didn't behave as expected. Most of them failed in their intended effect. They failed to spread as desired. They mutated and lost their virulence. Some caused persistent illness without killing the infected. Mostly, they were too weak to survive outside the laboratory. Some of the most devastating ones evolved from nature on their own or as mutations of the engineered pathogens."

         "Who authorized that strategy?" he demanded.

         "The decision was made by the leaders of a group of organizations that included the secret intelligence services of the nation states, certain scientific and political groups, international financial institutions and specific individuals who possessed enormous wealth and power."

         "Why did they take such a sudden and drastic step?" he asked.

         "It was not sudden. They were aware of the impending crisis of overpopulation and resource depletion for centuries before it actually occurred. The strategy was carefully planned and its implementation delayed to allow for the maximum accumulation of wealth and power through the exploitation of resources and a growing population."

         "Why were no other steps taken to avoid the crisis sooner?" he asked.

         "It was the opinion of the elite that the mass of the population was inferior and needed to be culled. Also, there was no singular individual or organization that was able to project sufficient power to implement necessary reforms."

         "Why was this kept secret?" he asked.

         "If it had been generally known, there would have been political opposition. The implementation of the plan could have been stopped by the political systems that existed at the time. Once the pandemics began, they spread with devastating results. Emergency measures were taken to contain the pandemics and preserve uninfected individuals as breeding stock for the future generations of the human race."

         "Was that the reason for creating the World Genetics Institute?" he asked.


         "Were any specific genetic traits removed from the population?" he asked.

         "Yes. All genetically transmitted diseases were eliminated. All genes that could be identified at that time that created body types that were not considered physically attractive were removed. All identifiable genes that were associated with low intelligence were removed. All identifiable genes that were associated with psychic abilities were removed. All genes that . . ."

         He interrupted the presentation, "What are psychic abilities?" He had heard Dora's version but saw no harm in doing his own research.

         "Psychic abilities include the ability to perceive and understand things without the use of the physical senses. They include the ability to perceive other's thoughts. They include the ability to perceive information about a remote place or situation and the ability to alter matter with thought."

         "These seem like useful faculties for an individual to possess. Why were they eliminated?" he asked.

         "The Central Accountant and the governing elite were concerned that the people would use these powers to defy or circumvent the authority of the Central Accountant," the terminal responded.

         He interrupted again, "Access all of your databanks on psychic faculties and the behavior of the people endowed with them and prepare an assessment of the probability of a rejection of authority by such individuals. Also prepare an assessment of the probability of their success," he requested.

         The terminal sat silent for several moments then came back to life, "The data that you request is archived in ancient mass storage media. Much of it has not been accessed in centuries. The technology of the storage media is obsolete. It will take many hours to even access most of it. I will contact you when the report is ready." The Omega access security emblem appeared on the screen and it went blank.

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