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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

Chapter 23 - Denver

"We usually think of ourselves as separate from everyone else with each responsible only for his or her own individual choices and actions. On an individual level that makes sense. However, when we think of ourselves as part of a collective consciousness, then there is a bit of each of us invested in each individual's choices and actions. That is a sobering concept with profound implications." - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         The Grand Hotel in the mothballed city was swelling to capacity. It hadn't seen more than the occasional visitor for several hundred years, but now there were hundreds of children talking, playing and laughing. Many of them had never laughed before. Here, they were among kindred souls for the first time in their lives. Even the adults, while not exactly like them, were at least harmonious, accepting, loving and caring.

         There were adults arriving too, from the Devil's Tower and other monasteries, from the off grid scientific centers, from the agrarian freeholds and from the aboriginal Spiritual communities. They were coming from all over the planet as were the children. A vast diversity of cultures and racial types were represented.

         Pulling all of the newly discovered next generation children out of the Central Accounting domain was turning into a major logistical operation. The mothballed city made a perfect place to work from. As more arrived, more of the dormant buildings and facilities were awoken and activated. The long dormant, dusty and rusty transport terminal was running at near capacity. Hackers were working on a complete rework of the pneumatic tube routing programs. It was no longer feasible to simply use an occasional exception to normal programming and it was getting more difficult to keep the sheer volume from attracting attention on an audit.

         The hacker network was also working overtime. Every available hacker was working around the clock assisting in the extraction of the children, supporting Dr. Axelrod in the restoration project and getting the mothballed city re-activated without drawing attention to it.

         The mothballed city had been known and occasionally used by a few solitary individuals from time to time but was otherwise not given much attention. Now, it was getting a lot of off grid attention. For the first time, the hackers began digging into its past. The Central Accounting algorithms that mandated the maintenance of the city while keeping it off grid were buried deep and hidden behind formidable security barriers. The information on the city was minimal.

         The city had once been called Denver in a state called Colorado which was part of a nation state called the United States of America. A low level programmer named Leon Pulaski had written the algorithms maintaining and hiding the city. There was no indication of the purpose of the city, the intentions of Leon Pulaski or who the city was supposed to serve. Perhaps it was a mere coincidence that the city was waiting to serve a most crucial role at a most critical time. Or, perhaps not?

         A nearby college campus was resurrected. It had dormitories, class rooms and other facilities to accommodate students, faculty and support personnel. It was called simply, "The College." It had once been called the Denver campus of the University of Colorado. The children from all over the planet were being routed to the college because it had facilities to accommodate them in a safe off-grid location. As far as knowledge and information was concerned, computers were adequate, but for Spiritual skills, wisdom, personal guidance and human contact, real people were needed. And they came, from all of the science and monastic outposts and shamanic societies all over the world.

         The science centers were busy upgrading the scientific and technological infrastructure of the college and the Spiritual centers were busy creating a training center and staffing it.

         On the surface, this assemblage looked idyllic, but under the surface, something else was stirring. The awakening children were powerful and the constraints of conformity were gone. For now, they were protected from the world they came from and the world they came from was protected from them. They needed time, time to grow, time to mature, time to be understood and nurtured, time to acquire knowledge and skills, time to get to know themselves, time to understand their place in a new world.

         Here, they would have that.

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