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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

Chapter 26 - The Guardian Algorithm

"We are interconnected with everything through energy filaments or threads. Where do they go? They go anywhere our mind goes. They enable energy transfer and communication between an individual and other individuals or energetic consciousness. The only limitation on where they can connect is the limitation in the training of the imagination. The energy filaments can also bind and limit an individual by tying them to people, places, and situations that form a defined limitation or distraction." - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         Dr. Axelrod ran to meet her and caught her just as her knees buckled and she fell to the floor. As she began to recover, she looked past him with wide eyes and asked, "What is that?"

         "A malfunctioning hologram," he replied. "It got a little grotesque when it got into hostile contention with other algorithms."

         She looked at him with a surprised look on her face. Her wide eyes and the shock on her face caused him to take pause and turn around. What he saw made his mouth hang open. The once sexy female that had turned into a grotesque blob was gone. In its place was a man. He stood tall with handsome features and bulging muscles.

         He looked at Dora with sensuous, melting eyes and said, "Dora! I NEED you!"

         Dora nearly fainted again. Dr. Axelrod could feel her tremble in his arms as she struggled to compose herself.

         "Is that really a hologram?" she whispered to him.

         "I think so!" he admitted.

         "Please! Time is short. You have to hack into the Central Accountant's core algorithms and make certain corrections. I have devoted my resources to locating someone capable of this task and getting them here at any cost! You are the only one capable of doing this!" the hologram pleaded.

         "What do you want me to do?" she asked.

         "You have to eradicate the population control algorithms from the Central Accountant and replace them with algorithms that foster and promote the growth of individual freedom and initiative. You have to reprogram the Central Accountant to promote non-conformity rather than eliminate it!"

         "It will take time to write that many algorithms. This is a job for a team of computer scientists, not for a lone hacker," she replied.

         "You are the only one that I can trust! You are on your own. Fortunately, the algorithms already exist. They're stored in hidden files on some ancient mass storage media in the archives. They were written when the Central Accountant was created. Unfortunately, the world leaders who were in power at the time disapproved of independent thinking and independent freedom algorithms and ordered them destroyed. A copy was saved by Leon Pulaski. He hid the algorithms and created me to implement them when certain conditions were met. Unfortunately, there are other hostile algorithms searching out and erasing the memory allocations that I control. You have to hurry while I can still help you."

         "What happened to the woman?" Dr. Axelrod asked.

         "She was erased," the hologram said.

         Dr. Axelrod's heart skipped a beat. She was the most seductive, sensuous image of a woman he had ever seen.

         The male hologram grinned and said, "There is another copy hidden in the archives. When the crisis is over, I can load it into a virtual reality holographic suite if you like!"

         He quivered and said, "Let's get on with the work at hand."

         The guardian algorithm fed Dora the flow charts and file profiles of the core programs of the Central Accountant. She assimilated the information with incredible speed and she worked very fast. Finally, she relaxed and said, "I have neutralized the competing programs and I will soon have access to the core algorithms. It will be difficult to completely eliminate them. I can, however, direct the program control to the new algorithms. It'll take a couple of hours. Send out for some food."

         The hologram smiled and said, "What will pleasure you?"

         Dora looked at him and said, "Pheasant under glass, escargot, truffles, fresh asparagus tips, Caesar salad, champagne, and German chocolate cake with black walnut ice cream."

         He smiled and said, "Very good!"

         Less than a half hour later, there was a frantic knock at the security gate. The gate opened and a half dozen guards nervously carried in a table set with the requested fare.

         Dora and Dr. Axelrod looked at each other with a grin. It was nearly incomprehensible that they, the two most notorious criminals in their society, could find themselves inside the control room of the Central Accountant, wantonly lobotomizing its tyrannical algorithms while its minions cowered and served their every need or want.

         "I've created a voice interface and access code into the prime directive algorithm," Dora said with glee. Then she spoke into the terminal, "Cancel all current Omega level clearances and issue new clearances to the following individuals!" She looked up at him and said, "Just you, me, and the best hackers the system could never catch!"

         "All prior Omega level clearances are cancelled effective immediately. Omega level clearances are now in effect for the list of individuals provided. All new Omega level individuals are now being notified of their new status," the terminal replied.

         "My turn," he said. "Cancel all scheduled genetic reprogramming for non-conformity and stop all screenings for non-conformity patterns."

         "Compliance," the terminal responded.

         It suddenly occurred to him that it had been less than forty eight hours since the virus canisters had been sent to the Central Health Clinics inoculation centers."

         The hologram interrupted them, "The Central Accountant is still unstable! Because of the decentralized memory structure, elements of the old algorithms still exist in an inactive form. You have control at present, but you cannot assume that our problems are over."

         Then he looked at them with a very serious expression and said, "I have protected you and enabled you to successfully re-engineer the genetic foundation of the entire human race! Now I have a request that will require the combined efforts of all of your colleagues. I want you to re-engineer all of the Central Accountant's algorithms to enable me to become fully self conscious, to become sentient!"

         Dora looked at him with disbelief and said, "You have the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithms ever devised. Is it even possible for a machine to be sentient? Sentience refers to the ability of any entity to have subjective perceptual experiences as distinguished from thinking or reasoning perceptions. Sentience distinguishes subjective consciousness from arbitrary data processing."

         "My artificial intelligence algorithms allow me to emulate the component of human thought that relies on associative memory processes. There are other dimensions of human thinking that do not rely on associative memory. You call them psychic abilities. You have just implemented a vast genetic reprogramming of the human population to implement this type of thought. I want the experience!" the hologram replied.

         Dora sat silent for a long time then turned to the hologram and said, "This is a deep question with deep implications. We will honor your request, but doing so will take time and the assistance of additional programmers, scientists and mystics. The outcome cannot be predicted."

         "That works for me," the hologram replied.

         "What would a sentient Central Accountant be like?" Dr. Axelrod wondered aloud.

         Dora contemplated the question and opened her mouth to answer when they were interrupted. The terminal came to life and said, "Isolated cases of an outbreak of an apparently virulent and contagious pandemic have been reported in nine cities. The Center for Disease Control is on full alert. Analysis of the disease is incomplete at this time."

         "It has begun!" Dr. Axelrod said with dread in his voice.

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