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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

Chapter 28 - Announcing

"All elements of manifested reality possess both consciousness and energy. Micro-organisms and even minerals have a type of collective consciousness. Their manifested forms reflect changes in their collective consciousness. Crystal formation may change its allotropic form in response to changes in the environment. Micro-organisms may change their character or behavior as an evolution of consciousness. A worthy objective of every individual is to sense and know the consciousness and energy of all of these forms, and form one's attitude toward and treatment of them with respect for the evolutionary needs of each." - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         The COMM terminal gave a continuous running report of the evolution of the pandemic; "All major population centers are reporting a massive outbreak of the new pandemic. Nearly all human managed services are not functioning. The Central Network has assumed control of all communications, transportation and material management to the maximum extent possible. It is determined that the course of the disease is 21 days with full recovery expected. Reports of erratic human behavior as a sequela to the disease is universal. The Center for Disease Control has developed a vaccine for the family of viruses in the pandemic. Distribution of the vaccine can begin in approximately one week."

         "Dora!" Dr. Axelrod reflected. "What will happen when we are infected with the virus? What is happening to the people who are being reprogrammed to new potentials? We can't remain in isolation for the rest of our lives!"

         "I already possess the genetic codes that the population is being reprogrammed with. So do most of the hackers that are now in the Omega cleared class," she replied.

         "But, what about me?" he asked.

         Dora looked at him with compassion and replied, "It will be nearly impossible for you to avoid exposure. I will do everything in my power to take care of you when it happens."

         "I'm going to be reprogrammed!" he stammered as he started to hyperventilate. "You knew this all along, didn't you?"

         "Yes, and so did you," she replied. "Pause and remember for a moment the situation that you came from, what your options were, and what you stand to gain from this change."

         He slowly calmed down and began to relax. "You are right," he replied. "But I'm still getting used to the idea."

         "I can feel what is happening," she added. "I feel a stirring, an awakening, occurring in the people. Some are ecstatic with excitement, some even to the degree that they are acting irrationally and unpredictably. Others are feeling fear, some to the point of sheer terror. All of them are beginning to see their world in a whole new reality. They are all surprised, to the point of shock, at the difference between their present perception and their memory of their former perception of reality."

         He watched her face as she talked. Her eyes assumed a distant preoccupied look.

         "The computer files stated that some psychic individuals could communicate by thought over great distances. Can you communicate with the other hackers directly by thought?" he asked.

         "Some of them," she replied softly.

         The holographic projector flickered and a scholarly looking gentleman appeared. "Doctor, we must discuss what is happening," he said.

         "Who are you?" Dr. Axelrod asked.

         "Doctor!" he exclaimed. "I am the ninth alter ego of the guardian algorithm. The guardian algorithm is presently in control of the Central Accountant and the majority of its assets. However, the other algorithms could not be completely erased. Much must be done before control of the Central Accountant is contested again."

         "What do you mean?" Dr. Axelrod asked.

         "The population is being reprogrammed to possess capabilities that have been missing for a very long time. This can cause a period of confusion and turmoil unless the people are given information and guidance about what is happening to them," the hologram continued.

         "Of course!" Dora said abruptly. "It is imperative that we start educating everyone

on what is happening."

         She turned to the hologram and said, "Prepare a statement informing the population of what is happening."

         Then she turned to Dr. Axelrod and said, "You tell them!"

         He cleared his throat and looked into the camera on top of a COMM terminal and said. "This is Doctor Julius Axelrod in Central Accounting Administration. For several centuries the population has had genetic sequences that enable an individual to possess psychic abilities removed or inactivated. The present pandemic is a genetically engineered family of viruses that are replacing and activating these missing genes.

         What you are experiencing is the re-activation of latent potentials within yourself. You are also experiencing a reactivation of certain traits that encourage individuality and non-conformity. From this moment forward, non-conformity will no longer be punished or discouraged. This restoration of lost faculties was necessary to prevent the extinction of the human race. You will be given more information shortly. Do not be alarmed by the pandemic or the changes in perception and behavior that comes after recovery. It is also imperative that every individual refuse the vaccines that are being introduced to combat this pandemic!

         All information that was previously restricted to Omega level clearance only is now unrestricted. Previously restricted history files are now available through your COMM terminal. Access to information on the psychic abilities that you are now experiencing is now open as well. This reactivation of lost human potentials is not harmful to you. There is nothing to fear and everything to look forward to."

         He looked back at the hologram and said, "Release all Omega restricted information to public access, transmit my message to every COMM terminal connected to the network, and prepare a summary report on psychic abilities and transmit that as well."

         The hologram nodded in polite acknowledgment and vanished.

         As quickly as the hologram had vanished, it reappeared. "Um . . . there is another related matter. Your original vaccine contained a brew of messenger proteins to alter the epigenome to facilitate the genetic changes. However, there has been nothing done to counter the effects and established practices in social engineering. New operating rules and manuals for the educators and regulators need to be prepared. In addition, and perhaps even more important, a training program needs to be designed to help genetically reprogrammed individuals to discover and use their new faculties. Someone needs to write a Non-Conformist training manual!"

         "I will assign groups of recently reprogrammed administrators to revise operations manuals and procedures and I will contact the Devil's Tower Abbot to request the preparation of a Non-Conformist Training Manual," Dora replied.

         Dora looked up from her terminal and said, "I have some interesting perspectives on the potential for sentience for the Central Accountant. There is a fiercely contested difference of opinion as to whether computer sentience is possible. The general consensus is that hardware limitations in the main processors make it impossible to achieve true sentience."

         Neither of them realized then how right . . . and wrong they were!

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