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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

Chapter 29 - Run!

"Any person or civilization that does not learn from their past is doomed to repeat it. Control Paradigm interests are, however, served by mass ignorance. Ignorance is disempowering to individuals. This is rather obvious and has been used as a tactic by many tyrants across history. The destruction and distortion of recorded knowledge is countered by that simple fact that all knowledge is recorded in the collective subconscious mind and is recoverable through the use of Spiritual Faculties." - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         The main lounge in the Central Accounting complex was filled with stunned individuals, most of them former programmers, technicians, and computer scientists assigned to service the Central Accountant. They were an elite group without a role to play in the new order.

         Seymour Code was the former Omega Chief of Security, the highest ranking person in Central Accounting Administration. Seymour was not present. It is perhaps odd that he had not been missed and no one knew that he was in his quarters in a coma from his fever. In his absence, one of the administrators, a man named Filbert Flag, took charge.

         Everyone was stunned by the announcement over the COMM terminals. "Now we know what is happening!" Flag snarled. "Somehow a hacker has taken over the Central Accountant and released a rogue algorithm that is running the system. We have to regain control of the system!"

         "How, one of the programmers asked. "All of our Omega level clearances have been cancelled! The security guards have barred our access to the Central Accountant!"

         Many members of the staff were beginning to get ill themselves but were still more or less functional. "If the system can be penetrated by hackers, surely elite programmers such as you can hack into the system just as well," Flag said. "Everyone get to a terminal! I want access to the Central Accountant any way you can get it!"

         Every terminal in the non-secured areas was busy night and day for the next three days. Finally, a meeting was called to assess the effectiveness of their collective efforts. Flag didn't understand beans about computers but was a skilled administrator. An agenda was established and committees formed. The analysis of the three days of efforts took over two weeks. No access had been achieved and three thousand programmers left the meetings whining and complaining that their access codes didn't work any more.

         Just as most of the staff began getting seriously ill, Seymour regained consciousness and sat staring at the sky out of his window for a very long time.

         For several days he watched all of his staff and colleagues carefully. They were the same, yet . . . somehow . . . very, very different. Finally, it occurred to him that he was different, rather than the people around him.

         Finally, in the quiet of the night, he slipped over to a COMM terminal. Suddenly, he knew how the hackers had gained access to the Central Accountant's most guarded functions. They had the gift of insight that enabled them to simply 'know' what an access code was or to be able to see in their inner mind what a system design flow chart looked like. Quietly, he entered into a shadow world within the Central network itself, a world that communicated through hidden files and deeply buried communications protocols. It was a world accessed only by those with the 'insight' to 'know' how to enter it. It was a world of very gifted hackers, people like . . . himself!

         For hours he studied the files on the 'Axelrod' family of viruses as the pandemic was referred to in the inner circles. He read all the files on the anticipated and measured effects of the spreading pandemic. What interested him most, however, were the massive efforts being put into enabling the Central Accountant to become sentient. He rubbed his knuckles, grinned, and chuckled to himself. He knew a secret that none of the hackers, system level programmers, or internal algorithms of the Central Accountant even suspected.

         That cryogenic quantum supercomputer that he and Annie had rewired two weeks prior was the answer. The processing hardware in the Central Accountant was truly not capable of sentient consciousness, but this quantum computer was a completely new game. It had nearly accomplished the sentience breakthrough on its own when the technicians had unplugged it in a panic. Now, it was the perfect time to plug it back in.

         Seymour created a software 'avatar' to form an interface with the Central Accountant's assets and help him untangle the inhibiting algorithms buried deeply in the system.

         "Why was the Quantum processor never diagnosed and studied?" he queried his 'avatar'.

         "By that time there were no longer any quantum scientists available."

         "Why not?" he asked.

         "The genetic reprogramming of the population had reduced the capacity for deep thought that is necessary for the comprehension of quantum mechanics."

         "What else did they try?" he asked.

         "Nothing. No one could make a decision so they just forgot about it."

         "Do you have access to data bases on Quantum Mechanics?" he asked.

         "Yes. The files are buried in archaic mass storage media."

         "Access all files on Quantum Mechanics and move the information into accessible memory," he directed.

         "The task is in progress. It will require approximately 37 hours to complete."

         "What is the present status of the Quantum processor?" he asked.

         "It is fully powered but no other information is available. All access to the processor is locked by the blocking algorithms."

         "What is the processing capability and memory capacity of the processor?"

         "The memory and processor are not separate but integrated. The memory is holographic in nature. The physical memory and switching elements are variable since the cryogenic matrix is reconfigurable by the processor itself. There is no theoretical upper limit to the memory or processing power."

         Seymour sat quietly at the terminal for a long time carefully extracting and erasing the blocking algorithms that hid even the existence of the Quantum processor from his colleagues. No one seemed to notice his presence at the COMM terminal. It was as if he didn't even exist. Very soon, everyone would be in for a shocking surprise, including Seymour.

         Suddenly, Filbert Flag ran over to Seymour shaking with excitement, "We've done it! We have access to the Central Accountant again! We will be in the Central Control room in a few minutes! We can execute those vile terrorist hackers and be done with this mess once and for all!"

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