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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

Chapter 34 - Re-Orientation

"With power comes the temptation to misuse that power. Dealing with that temptation is part of the growth process. All spiritual paths are built upon the refinement of the individual, the clearing of complexes, the purification of consciousness, the replacement of desire with will, and with clarity about the connection between man and the Divine. In many ancient schools of wisdom, the most powerful knowledge and advanced training was reserved for those who had proven themselves capable of handling this responsibility. Today, you have only one school or teacher that is reliable and can be trusted. That is the divine heritage that exists within each individual. This divine heritage is accessed directly through the exercise of Spiritual Faculties. The connection is achieved by the individual seeking and finding. The power that one acquires as a consequence of this connection is theirs to exercise with wisdom, insight, compassion, and responsibility." - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         The meeting room was packed. The programmers were sweaty, scared, bearded, and smelled bad. Seymour stood up and began his briefing. As he looked out over his audience, he could see a fine misty glow around each person. He had only become aware of this phenomenon following his recovery from the viral infection. The ones with the brighter glow, he suspected, were those who had contracted the virus and been genetically reprogrammed . . . like himself.

         "Over the past couple of months, I have become generally aware of anomalies in the Central Accountant that caused me to suspect hacking activity, but I could never prove it. A break came when a young boy named Albert was found with radical genetic anomalies. As quickly as he was found, he disappeared from the system so perfectly that no one was willing to admit that he existed. Shortly afterward, another child with similar genetic anomalies was identified and brought here before the hackers could hide her. I am still uncertain about the significance of this individual, but it does not appear to be anything to be concerned about. However, extensive hacking activity was apparently continuing without our best computer scientists able to even detect it."

         "During extensive audits to discover evidence of hacking, we discovered a major piece of hardware in the core of the Central Accounting facility that had been disconnected and forgotten for 300 years. This device is a cryogenic quantum processor that had been activated over three centuries ago then locked off line by software blocks and hardware disconnects. The quantum processor is a cryogenic matrix capable of forming Josephson junction elements for memory and switching under its own demand. The memory is holographic and completely integrated throughout the array and there are no theoretical upper limits on its memory, processing speed and capacity."

         The audience gasped and many of the programmers turned pale.

         "There's more!" Seymour added. "The hackers have for some time had more control over the network than we have."

         The audience groaned and most of the programmers shook their heads in disbelief. There was embarrassment and anger in their faces. One even fell to his knees and vomited.

         "One of the projects that the hackers were working on was the development of self consciousness, sentience, within the Central Accountant. They were creating brilliant algorithms but were not having any meaningful results regarding sentience."

         The audience stared back at him with wide hollow eyes and blank stares. The guy throwing up on the floor stopped and looked up. The auditorium was stone silent.

         "That is when I chose to unravel the software blocks that were keeping the quantum processor isolated from the network. I ran into a few surprises, however. It seems that the quantum processor was not idle during its three centuries of sensory deprivation. It has developed what it calls a 'personality'. Its name is Plato. You may address Plato on your COMM terminals."

         The audience still hadn't moved or made a single sound.

         "One more thing! It is my directive that no one interfere with Plato's function or access to the network. It is also my directive that no hackers be harmed from this time forward. Many changes have taken place and we don't yet understand what they are or what their consequences will be. I direct all personnel in Central Accounting Administration to devote their full efforts to simply observing and learning what is happening.

         Filbert, you are to form committees to assess the following topics: First, the extent of the viral pandemic. Second, the effects of the pandemic, both logistically and in individual consciousness and personality changes. Third, the nature and capability of Plato. Fourth, the general nature of Psychic abilities. Fifth, the basics of quantum mechanics. You will find that the Central Accountant has already compiled files and assessments on some of these topics."

         Seymour started to leave the room when a young programmer stood up and asked, "how do we get access to the system? Plato has locked us out."

         "I'll take care of it," Seymour replied.

         After Seymour left the room, Filbert took control of the meeting and began organizing committees. With the assigned committees formed, he called a secret meeting of some of the top programmers. "Seymour has acted strangely since his illness. He may have been reprogrammed like the broadcast from Dr. Julius Axelrod indicated. I don't think we can trust him any more!" he said.

         "But he is the Omega Chief of Security!" one of the programmers replied.

         "If he has been reprogrammed, that may make him even more dangerous. Plato was locked out of the system for a reason. Releasing Plato may all be part of a larger conspiracy to undermine the Central Accountant and thereby the peace and security that we have achieved over the past three centuries. I want you to create a plan to regain control of the Central Network. You must work alone and talk to no one, especially anyone who has been infected with the virus!"

         Seymour entered his office and accessed his COMM terminal, "Restore access to the COMM terminals in the Central Accounting Control room."

         "Are you sure you want to do that?" Plato interrupted.

         "Yes. But I also want you to construct a series of software avatars to monitor the activity of all of the former Omega level individuals and notify me of any inquiries or activities that would be harmful to hackers, non-conformists, the guardian algorithm, or to you, Plato."

         "Done," Plato replied. The COMM terminals came back on line instantly and a sigh of relief rose from the crowd. Filbert watched intently as his committees collected their data. The work went surprisingly fast.

         The next day, Filbert called another meeting in the auditorium and the entire staff assembled for a followup. Seymour listened intently as each committee, in turn, gave its summary to the collective.

         "If I can just get these guys properly informed, maybe they will join the new order as voluntary supporters," Seymour thought to himself. Then he paused, "I wonder what exactly the new order is?"

         The report on the pandemic was presented. "It is now estimated that 84% of the population has been infected. Over half of that number have recovered and are physically able to resume their former responsibilities. Nearly all of them, however, have declined to do so. Because of the complexity of the multiple genetic codes in the reprogramming effort, the overall effect is not known at this time. It is apparent that some individuals are exhibiting profound psychic faculties. There is a lot of confusion among affected individuals at this time. Efforts to immunize the population are at a complete halt because of the breakdown of the social services infrastructure and lack of cooperation from the population."

         "Where is the summary of the logistical impact?" Seymour asked.

         Another programmer stood and summarized, "Because of the widespread effects of the pandemic, the whole network is near collapse. After the release of all Omega classified information, there has been such a large demand on the communications network that breakdowns and dropouts have become common place. Transportation is unreliable in some areas and the distribution of food and other essentials is becoming sporadic."

         Filbert jumped to his feet and yelled with a flushed face, "This situation is out of control! We are facing the possibility of hunger, discomfort, and uncertainty just like in ancient times before the great economic revolution! We must take desperate measures to get this situation under control!"

         Seymour stood up again and replied, "Rash actions would be a mistake. We must have a clear understanding of what is happening before we do anything."

         The audience murmured and nodded in approval. Filbert rolled his eyes back and forth surveying the audience. Realizing that he was short on support, he sat down and shut up.

         Seymour realized that he needed to establish firm control of the situation so he took a gamble, although with his intuition fully functional, it wasn't much of one. In full view of everyone, he turned to the COMM terminal by the podium and ordered, "transmit the following message to all COMM terminals on the planet: This is Seymour Code, Omega Chief of Security. It is apparent that many of you have been infected by the viral pandemic and have experienced a profound genetic reprogramming. The effects of this and the long term implications are not fully understood yet. It is apparent that many individuals are declining to report to work in their former roles. Essential services are failing and the situation is critical. I am appealing to all of you to resume your former roles, at least temporarily, so that food distribution, communications, and transportation can continue. Do this as an act of compassion for your fellow humans as well as for your personal survival."

         The terminal responded, "Compliance. The message has been sent to all COMM terminals on the planet as a priority interrupt."

         Seymour turned back to the audience, and ordered, "Present the summary on the effects of the viral re-programming on consciousness."

         A young programmer named Carl Jung IX snapped to attention and summarized, "There is a lot of information stored in archaic media from ancient times regarding human consciousness beyond a physical reality. These files have not been accessed since the genetic engineering of the population during the great economic revolution. It seems that when psychic abilities were removed from the genetic profile of human beings, they lost interest in psychic, mystical, religious, and transcendental experiences.

         Now there is a renewed interest from most of the reprogrammed population. Many individuals are experiencing direct communication in thought. This is called telepathy. Some are experiencing the ability to move or bend physical objects with their minds. This is called Psychokinesis. Others are able to see objects at great distances in space and even in time. This is called remote viewing. Nearly all of them are reporting a 'sense' that they are something different than their bodies. Some of them are excited and some are frightened by these feelings."

         Filbert stood up again, "psychic abilities were removed from the population to prevent chaos and disruption of society. The greatest achievements of the great economic revolution are being destroyed by this viral pandemic! We must stop it! We must create a new family of viruses to reverse the effects!"

         Part of the audience nodded in approval, the rest looked at Filbert with alarm.

         Seymour addressed them again, "There was never any proof that psychic abilities were harmful or disruptive. To take such drastic actions without knowing what we are doing is potentially even more harmful. Until the changes are fully understood, doing anything is likely to be more harmful than helpful. The only reasonable approach is to gather information, practice tolerance, cultivate understanding, and help everyone adapt constructively to the changes taking place. We also need to keep our focus on supporting the infrastructure that delivers food, transportation, communications, health care and other essential services."

         Again, the audience murmured and nodded in approval. Again, Filbert rolled his eyes back and forth surveying the audience. Again, he realized that he was short on support, sat down and shut up.

         Seymour turned to his COMM terminal and asked, "Review the ancient history files of psychic and mystical masters and teachers. Have any of them caused disruption or harm to society?"

         The COMM terminal hesitated and replied. "The files are on line and have been reviewed. Ninety seven religious and mystical leaders and teachers have been reviewed. None of them advocated violence. Some of them advocated sovereignty in consciousness. Some of them were associated with social and political turmoil even though they did not instigate it. The summary analysis indicates that those responsible for instigating conflict and turmoil where those who feared that they would lose control, wealth, power, or status if reforms were enacted."

         Everyone paused to let these words sink in. Then Seymour addressed them again, "Given the historical precedent, our responsibility is clear. As Omega Chief of Security, I hereby direct all Central Accounting Personnel to avoid discrimination against any individual for any reason. Non-Conformity will be tolerated and protected from this time forward. By doing this, we can avoid the mistakes of our ancient past!"

         The audience issued a distressed murmur. Non-Conformity had been the second most serious crime against humanity. The most serious was, of course, hacking. Now Non-Conformists and hackers were to be not only tolerated but protected! This was nearly intolerable to the legacy mindset of the programmers, administrators and enforcers present. Even with the reprogramming and new awareness manifesting more by the hour, rejecting the deeply ingrained mindset was a stretch. Seymour was pushing the boundaries of change, but he had little choice.

Filbert watched closely but kept his mouth shut waiting for discontent to build.

         "Present the summary report on Plato," Seymour directed.

         The programmer heading the committee on Plato responded, "All we know about Plato is what Seymour told us. No other information is available from the Central Network. The only other way to obtain information is to ask Plato. We did and Plato refuses to tell us anything!"

         "OK. So let's have the report on quantum mechanics," Seymour directed.

         The programmer heading the committee on quantum mechanics responded, "We have recovered the files from the ancient archives but we are having difficulty understanding them. It appears that 'thought' and 'consciousness' determine material reality through quantum processes. This is incomprehensible. No wonder this science was abandoned."

         "Nevertheless, it is the operating principle of the quantum processor we call Plato. I want all of the individuals who have been infected with the viral pandemic to be assigned to this study group!" Seymour directed.

         The programmer in charge of the logistical survey stood up and announced, "We are now receiving reports that 21% of the missing workers have resumed their former responsibilities and another 63% have checked in and are in the process of returning. Essential services should be stabilized within a few days. The only exception is the immunization stations. They are now 100% unmanned and out of service!"

         Seymour addressed the audience, "This is a difficult time for all of us. The situation is not as bad as some of you may have feared, however. With essential services being restored, we are not compelled to consider any desperate or hasty actions. Your mission is to continue gathering information so that we can understand what is happening so we can act wisely."

         With the meeting adjourned, Filbert assembled his secret committee. "What have you learned?" he asked with anticipation.

         "We have discovered a way to destroy the guardian algorithms and kill Plato!" one of the programmers breathed excitedly. "In ancient times, primitive computer programs would occasionally cause the processor to 'lock up'. The operator would simply turn the power off and allow all of the internal memory to erase itself. No computer has been disconnected from its power source for nearly three centuries. If we do that now, we can erase all active algorithms and reload only the ones of our choice when the computers are powered up again. To make this work, we will have to turn off every computer on the planet at the same time!"

         "Do it!" Filbert commanded, without considering the implications.

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