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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

Chapter 37 - Meet the Neighbors

" Once you have learned to focus your attention in the present moment, you can begin to refer to your intuitive faculties for direction. These intuitive sources are your direct link with the totality of your being. Trust them. They will not fail you." - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         Annie Bessant III, the second of the new generation children to be identified by a genetic audit, had been living in Seymours quarters and enjoying his protection. By unspoken agreement, she was also his protector.

         Annie appeared in Seymour's office and said, "It's time."

         "Time for what?" he asked.

         "Time to answer your questions," she replied.

         So much of consequence had happened so fast that he had nearly forgotten about Annie. "Albert?" he remembered.

         "Albert is in Denver," she replied.

         "What is Denver?" Seymour asked.

         "Denver is a pre-revolution city. It has been preserved and maintained by hidden Central Accounting subroutines that direct maintenance bots and service personnel while being kept hidden from Central Accounting awareness," Annie replied.

         "Who could do such a thing?" Seymour asked.

         "The original subroutines were written by a programmer named Leon Pulaski over three centuries ago. The city is fully functional and fully stocked with inventory of goods and supplies. It has provided lodging and offices for travelers, hackers and others from the cultures that exist outside the Central Accounting world, " she replied.

         ". . . Excuse me! There can't be other cultures! Everyone not protected by the Central Accounting infrastructure died long ago," Seymour responded.

         "Actually, no, not all of them. Some survived and the descendants of those survivors have formed agrarian cultures, Spiritual cultures, aboriginal and shamanic cultures and scientific cultures that have advanced several centuries beyond your technological capabilities. They are all kept completely off grid from the Central Accounting databases. It is from there that your hackers originate. They easily navigate your computer infrastructure because they use their psychic abilities to acquire access codes and other necessary information," Annie explained.

         Seymour slumped in his chair and started hyperventilating. "I understand why you wouldn't tell me this before, but why now?"

         "Because you need their help, you all do," she replied.

         "Explain!" he demanded.

         "None of them have ever been crippled by genetic re-programming. They possess naturally developed psychic faculties and have been comfortable with using them for centuries. Those dedicated to a Spiritual based culture and technology have advanced further than any others. They can provide guidance, understanding and training to assist your society in its transition," Annie explained.

         "Do they live in Denver?"

         "No. The existence of Denver must be kept a secret for now," she replied.


         "Because the children are there and it's not time to introduce them yet," she replied.

         "You mean Albert . . . and others?"


         "How many more are there?" Seymour asked.

         "Thousands," she replied.

         "Why are they in Denver?" he asked.

         "To protect, educate, train and nurture them, and to protect all of you from them," she replied.

         "What? You mean they pose a threat to us?" he asked.

         "No. Not directly, but what would happen if the previous Central Accounting system had managed to find them and capture them before the hackers found and removed them?" she asked.

         "They would have been reprogrammed!" he replied.

         "No. You would have tried to reprogram them and they would have stopped you. You see . . . they . . . I . . . we . . . possess such advanced psychic powers that we can overpower normal humans. We can influence, damage or destroy computer networks with our minds. We would have used that power to protect ourselves and your former control system would have been sufficiently single minded in its attack that we would have had to completely destroy the Central Accounting Network. If the hackers had not intervened and removed the children from harm's way, most of you would be dead now," Annie explained.

         "There's more. If the genetic re-programming hadn't been implemented, most of you would die shortly anyway."

         "Why?" Seymour asked.

         "Life requires exploration and new experience to continue developing and evolving. Yours has been frozen, so you became an evolutionary dead end. We are the fail-safe. We were created by the life force itself as your replacements. Now that the genetic re-programming has been effected, you have the opportunity to evolve and grow again. Your continuing lives now serve a purpose."

         "You share your world with numerous other cultures that you are unfamiliar with. It's time to meet your neighbors."

         "You share your world with numerous other cultures that you are unfamiliar with. It's time to meet your neighbors."

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