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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

Chapter 38 - The Non-Conformist Training Manual

"A paradigm shift is coming because it is necessary. Personal internal change is the engine of the shift." - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         Having verified Dr. Axelrod's location and relative safety in the hospital where he was being cared for while he was down with the flu, Dora turned her attention to some unfinished details. First, she went to Denver to check on the progress there. Her arrival was uneventful and the tube transit terminal was fully staffed and busy. The grand hotel was also busy, mostly with travelers from all over the planet that had arrived in Denver to assist with the education and raising of the children. She met the Abbot of Devil's Tower in the lobby. He had been consulting with the abbots of other monasteries regarding the training of the children and the training of the reprogrammed general population of the Central Accounting Network.

         "We have several situations here," the abbot began. "The children are very advanced and mature souls that have entered this realm to redirect the evolutionary path of humanity. The restoration project has changed the situation that they entered into. Now, there is a general population that can begin evolving again.

         Then, there are the children. They are so much more advanced than the rest of us that they are practically a different species. They were to replace the population under Central Accounting Administration. The transition would have been fast and violent. Most beings of higher consciousness are benevolent and detached and choose to not get involved in the affairs of lesser evolved beings. These children are inherently wise and benevolent, but, unlike other advanced beings, they are warrior souls," the abbot explained.

         "Do you mean that they are likely to be destructive?" Dora asked with astonishment.

         "I don't believe so," the abbot replied. "In this environment, we are able to protect and nurture them and teach by example. Here, they have the opportunity to be children without the pressures of survival thrust upon them. There is a debate going on as to whether they can integrate into the general population. The general consensus is that they will need to form their own community, much like our various diverse ancestors did following the pandemics and revolutions. However, they will have a lot of choices to make when they reach adulthood. Their advanced abilities will be fully developed and no one will be powerful enough to confront them. Controlling them, even now, is unthinkable."

         "And in this context, we have to observe and respect the 'Law of Conservation of Consciousness'. This requires that evolving consciousness be allowed to continue evolving. The reprogrammed population is now able to evolve again, and we are responsible for creating that situation, so it is our karma to provide guidance to give them the opportunity to evolve constructively."

         Dora listened intently as the Abbot outlined the strategy and planning for doing exactly that.

         "We are getting help from all of the monastic and shamanic cultures on this planet. A Training Manual for Non-Conformists is being prepared under the authorship of Tla Dudov from the Cherokee Confederation," he continued. This manual will consist of the distilled essence of the information, understanding and practices that will eliminate a lot of confusion and enable the former conformists to begin using their expanding abilities constructively. It will also help them to understand what a personal moral compass is and to develop their own.

         Dora's eyes widened and she exclaimed, "I have heard of Tla Dudov! They say that he is the grand master of a secret society that had held sacred the knowledge, art and science of humanity's connection to the divine for tens of millennia. I thought he was a myth!"

         "I am assured by the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Confederation that he does indeed exist and will be working with you directly at some point in the near future," the abbot replied. Then he looked thoughtful and added, "You know what it feels like to reach out and touch someone with your mind? Try that with Tla Dudov."

         Dora tried. The abbot observed the puzzled look on her face and asked, "Well, what did you get?"

         "Nothing," Dora replied

         "Is it the kind of 'nothing' that you sense when there is no one there?" he queried.

         "No, it isn't," Dora responded with a puzzled expression.

         "In the Cherokee language 'Tla Dudov' means 'no name'. I am told that it is more of a title than a name," the abbot explained.

         "Over five centuries ago, there was a Cherokee shaman named 'White Tobacco' who was considered to be the 'last man of power'. A 'man of power' is someone who has full access to both the physical and Spirit worlds and can move freely between them. The 'men of power' were said to be able to shape shift into the form of animals or other beings including non-physical forms. They were said to be able to teleport themselves bodily from one location to another with their minds. They were said to be able to alter material reality with their minds. And, more important, they were said to possess the wisdom to not misuse this power.

         The Cherokee were assimilators. They assimilated anything deemed useful from other tribes and cultures with great efficiency. When the white European cultures began arriving in North America, the Cherokee quickly adopted their superior technology and began adopting their culture with all of its virtues and faults as well. The more materialistic way of thinking was incompatible with the Spiritual principles of the Native culture in general and the 'men of power' in particular. To prevent the harm that would be caused by allowing their power to be used for greed and materialism, they declined to teach the younger 'Europeanized' generation their knowledge. Instead, they left this plane of existence taking their knowledge and power with them. For many generations, the Cherokee had a mixture of western and traditional culture, but the knowledge of the 'men of power' was lost. Many other tribes and native cultures had similar experiences.

         After the economic revolution and population collapse, there was no longer interference in Native culture by a dominant alien society. There was also a desperate need to recover the power of the Native shamanic culture for survival purposes. As you know, necessity motivates invention and change, and in this case, re-discovery."

         "How successful were they?" Dora asked.

         "You've trained in one of the Native American Confederations, you tell me," the abbot replied.

         "They are very private about these matters. They use their gifts and powers when needed and never for profit, exploitation or control over others," Dora replied.

         "My sense is that they are about to be needed, and I am not referring to the children or the Central Accounting society," the abbot said with a distant and sober look on his face.

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