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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

Chapter 40 - Samantha

"The key point of understanding about the two paradigms is that in order to survive, every sentient being must have a source of energy. Those connected to the source have access to infinite energy. Those disconnected or separate do not have that access and must either change themselves sufficiently to re-connect to the Source or become predators and prey on others." - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         Seymour's arrival in Denver by tube shuttle was more or less normal, at least at first. The shuttle terminal was fully activated and there was a small amount of traffic, but nothing like the busy terminals he was accustomed to. He noticed children arriving, traveling alone. "These must be more anomalous children being smuggled out of the system by the hackers," he thought. Then he remembered that the system had changed and his job was now protecting them rather than hunting them. The old patterns were obsolete, but shaking them was still sometimes uncomfortable. Adults from all over the planet were arriving to assist with the work in Denver. Most of the traffic was incoming with very little departing.

         As he was standing there feeling completely out of place, one of the children walked up, took his hand, smiled at him and said, "Annie asked me to take care of you. Come on, we are all going to the hotel."

         "Are you in communication with Annie?" he asked.

         "Of course!" she replied. "We all know what we are all doing all of the time."

         "Isn't that confusing and distracting?" he asked.

         "No," she replied cheerfully as she walked along swing her arms and half skipping. "We just ignore everything unless it is important. Annie likes you and thinks you are worth preserving. So does Pete."

         "Who is Pete?" he asked.

"Oh, everyone knows Pete," she replied cheerfully." He is our non-physical friend and helper. I think in ancient history they called them ghosts. Pete once had a physical body a long time ago. Now, he functions as an energy body and he can get around really fast. It must be fun being able to move that fast."

         "What is your name?" he asked.

         "My name is Samantha," she replied with a grin. "I'm named after a witch! My mother liked a television show from the late twentieth century that was about a witch who could wiggle her nose and make things move. I can make things move but wiggling my nose is hard," she said as she gave it a try. "Can you wiggle your nose?"

         "Uh . . . no, I don't think so. I've never really tried," he replied. "It is not something that ever came up."

         "It's OK," she said smiling at him.

         Shortly, the group arrived at the grand hotel. The reservation desk was abandoned so everyone simply checked themselves in and took a room key. The restaurant and delicatessen was operating on a self-serve basis with everyone present pitching in to serve each other. Samantha took a key to the room next to Seymour and they went to the restaurant to have dinner. In his role as Omega Chief of Security, he had always had his meals served where he worked. Here, everything was a bit unfamiliar.

         "What do you like?" Samantha asked.

         "That is a fair question," he replied. "I never really thought much about it. All of my food was served at an appropriate time and I seem to recall more or less enjoying it."

         "Look!" she said excitedly. "They have pizza made from sprouted whole grain sourdough crust with raw cheese and all fresh ingredients!"

         "Is that safe?" Seymour asked.

         "Safe and yummy! And look at the fruit tray. They have fresh persimmons, papaws, medlars and apples!"

         For Seymour, it was a long meal. Actually, it only seemed long because he paid more attention to his food than normal. Each flavor and texture was a new and unfamiliar experience. After eating, they turned in. This too was a new experience for Seymour, since his living quarters were joined with his office. He had one of the most restful sleeps in his life.

         The next morning, Samantha woke Seymour up. He had slept very soundly. The exposure to so much new environmental stimuli was exhausting, and there was no standard wake up call. They made their way to the College where Samantha checked in as a resident student and Seymour was assigned a guide and escort. He was a young monk from the Monastery of Abraham whose name was Abdullah Qahtan.

         "That is an unusual name," Seymour said.

         "Not where I come from," Abdullah replied. "I am Bedouin. After the population collapse from the pandemics, wars and earth changes, my ancestors formed a Confederation and restored our traditional subsistence lifestyle as a survival measure much like the Native American people of this land did. Once our survival was secure, we adopted more modern conveniences and tools to improve our lives without losing our roots. My ancestral religion was a sect of Islam. After the population collapse, the survivors were inherently more enlightened and free from past political, economic and ethnic conflicts. That enabled them to join with those from other religious traditions to form a coalition to study their differences and commonality. From their results, we formed the first implementation of the Monastery of Abraham."

         "I am unfamiliar with religious beliefs," Seymour said.

         "You mean your society had no religion at all?" Abdullah said with a tone of disbelief.

         "None at all," Seymour replied. "Our history taught us that religions were used as a control mechanism to manipulate large populations of people and that they were a cause of war, prejudicial behavior and fanatical thinking. For those reasons they were all eliminated."

         "It's true that those problems existed, but they existed because those religions were distorted," Abdullah replied. "When we all got together and compared notes, we identified the distortions used to manipulate people and removed those distortions. We also identified common principles that facilitate the connection of the individual to the Infinite Source that some call 'God' or 'Allah'. Those principles we kept and we enriched each other by sharing the culture and wisdom of our greatest minds."

         "It looks like I have a lot to learn," Seymour replied.

         "We all do. That's what makes life good!" Abdullah replied.

         They proceeded to tour the College and observe the children in action. He saw a soccer game played with the players moving the ball by telekinesis alone. He saw lively discussions between children, mentors and Plato on just about any imaginable subject from quantum mechanics to the moral dilemmas found in classical literature. He witnessed instruction in meditation practices, healing applications and internal martial arts techniques of defending one's self without harming the attacker.

         Seymour's mind was reeling. "Are they really powerful enough to destroy the Central Accounting society and everyone in it?"

         "Easily," Abdullah replied.

         "Do you think they represent a danger?" Seymour asked.

         "No," Abdullah replied emphatically. If they were threatened, they would do what was necessary to protect themselves, but they are safe, happy and comfortable here. They are not violent or mean spirited by nature. Quite the opposite, they demonstrate an innocent understanding of the situation and the bigger picture and from a compassionate point of view."

         "That is good to know," Seymour replied as they left and headed for the tube transport station.

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