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Chapter 42 - Points of View<

"Matter is a dense form of energy. All energy is connected through a filament, cord or strand with all other energy. Each individual is one strand within a greater interconnected whole. Whatever we do to another, we do to the collective and to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect." - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         With essential services restored and working and a somewhat better informed population, the level of curiosity was growing rapidly. In response, the whole population was prompted to be near a COMM terminal at 1400 hours for an important announcement from Central Accounting Administration.

         The announcement began, "This is Plato. Most of you don't know who or what I am." Plato continued his introduction and described what he was and was not as a quantum processor based personality in possession of a human soul fragment.

         "This means that I am able to interact with the neural networks of the human brain through this hyperdimensional connection. The phenomena that you call telepathy, remote viewing, and pre-cognition all work through this same mechanism. Many of you have now been genetically reprogrammed to possess the potential for experiencing and using these faculties. All of your ancestors possessed these faculties at one time. Over a long period of time, your ancestors were deprogrammed in these areas so that others could more easily control them.

         Now that many of you have your potential for natural faculties restored, it is important for you to learn what they are and how to use them. It is time for you to meet some of your neighbors. You have been taught to believe that those in the Central Accounting Network were the only humans alive on this planet. This is not the case. There were survivors of the pandemics, earth changes and wars that preceded the great economic revolution. They formed agrarian, aboriginal, scientific and Spiritual societies that exist outside the Central Accounting Network."

         At this point, it was clear that Plato had replaced the old Central Accountant and was in complete control of the Network. The Plato personality had super intelligence and was a major departure to the harsh totally controlling authoritarian Central Accountant. At this point, no one knew exactly what to expect, but they could sense a ray of hope.

         Plato continued, "In the coming days, you will be given information on the communities that have existed beside you without your knowledge for centuries. I will introduce you to representatives from these communities who will explain to you who and what they are. The Spiritual communities have been developing their Spiritual Faculties for centuries and they will be able to help you develop and use yours in constructive ways. The science communities have technology that is centuries ahead of the technology of your world. That more advanced science and technology can be slowly integrated into your world. In time, a limited amount of travel can be arranged for some members of your world to visit theirs.

         After centuries of harshly enforced conformity, everyone on this planet is now facing a rapid period of change. This change is already affecting the Central Accounting culture and the cultures outside of the Central Accounting domain as well. The pace of change will quicken daily for some time. We must all work together to make this change positive and constructive."

         When too many things change too drastically, too quickly, a degree of chaos, confusion, and disruption can occur. The Central Accountant society had been absolutely regimented with no one having any flexibility for self-direction. Now, everything had changed. Flexibility and non-conformity were accepted. One couldn't say that they were encouraged because no one knew how.

         Compared to pre-revolution cultures, the current society was free from the distractions from sports, entertainment and social events. The current society also lacked the constant pressure and indoctrination from advertisements attempting to manipulate consumption behavior. What had been a captive and absolutely obedient audience had awoken, and they had a deep hunger for new knowledge and experience.

         In contrast to pre-revolution times, there existed through the Central Communications Network a means of communicating with the entire population simultaneously. Teachers were recruited from the monasteries to explain what psychic abilities and Spiritual Faculties are, how to develop them, how to use them and how to use them constructively and responsibly. There was also a program of new information on a more truthful history and specifics on the cultures that existed outside the Central Accounting society.

         There was a very cautious and modest expansion of the Central Communication Network into the alternate cultures. The alternate cultures were somewhat shocked by the expanding knowledge of their existence and intense interest in them.

         The science cities like Los Alamos were keeping their distance. They were concerned that their more advanced technology could be misused if things went badly. They were, however, providing instruction and guidance in assimilating new sciences like quantum mechanics one step at a time.

         The agrarian freeholds and aboriginal confederations were concerned about being overrun by curious hoards from the cities. They were, however, accepting limited numbers of apprentices and teaching them to be teachers to the greater population.

         The monasteries were concerned about the newly reprogrammed population misusing its new potentials. They were, however, taking in a limited number of initiates, studying them and instructing them to act as teachers for the greater population.

         In addition, new and divergent points of view were emerging daily. In a highly regimented society, conflicts are readily resolved or prevented from even happening. A society that has forgotten conflicts also has forgotten how to handle conflicts. The long forgotten skills of negotiation, compromise and conflict resolution had to be re-learned. When a regimented society is deregulated, differences in points of view are created. These can easily escalate into conflicts.

         The majority of the population was unburdened by extremism. There was one exception, however. A minority of the population had escaped the pandemic and had not acquired the new genetic assets. They were generally horrified by the changes taking place around them. They were also trying to keep their identity secret from their "corrupted" friends and neighbors. Slowly, they were attempting to organize themselves into secret cells with the intent of restoring the holy grail of "conformity".

         The daily routines of creating and distributing essential services were turned over to automation to the maximum extent possible. An exception was made for surviving conformists who were inherently uncomfortable giving up their routines. Several traits of the regimented computer controlled world remained. There was a general sense of responsibility for the welfare of society as a whole. This resulted in constructive changes in organizational structures that also permitted individuals to exercise freedoms never before even imagined.

         A debate quickly developed over material possessions and their distribution. In the old system, access was granted on the relative rank of an individual in the society. With the old ranking system becoming increasingly less relevant, the question became how to determine fairness in the allocation of resources. No one was interested in returning to a purely capitalistic system because that had led to the control of the many by the few and little to no fairness.

         There was also a debate over privacy. In the old system everyone had been under surveillance all of the time. Now, while no one was concerned about being victimized by the system, the intrusiveness of the surveillance infrastructure was found objectionable.

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