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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

Chapter 43 - Awakening

"Our reality is like a hologram that consists of the overlapping realities of every individual in the hologram. The good news is that every time you have an insight, overcome one of your own limitations or face a persistent fear, you change the collective hologram for the better." - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         With considerable effort and attention to detail Leon Pulaski's cryogenic suspension capsule had been removed from the wreckage of his former prison and transported to the research hospital on the Campus of the former Denver branch of the University of Colorado. Dora worked quickly to put together a team to revive and restore Leon to his former living and breathing self.

         A maintenance technician who was familiar with the 200 year old technology of the cryogenic suspension capsule was brought in from Central Accounting Administration. A doctor with expertise in suspended animation technology was brought in from the off grid Obninsk Naukograd of the former Russian Republic. A healer was brought in from the Devil's Tower Monastery. A complete complement of support staff was assembled to support the work of the specialists.

         First, the technicians assessed the condition of the cryogenic storage capsule. While it was still functioning, corrosion and time had taken their toll. The assessment was that the capsule's control system was near failure and establishing an interface would be challenging and risky. Days were spent making repairs and constructing custom interface components to integrate its function into the modern computer network. Despite several frustrating setbacks, the technicians finally succeed and the capsule's control and diagnostic functions were accessed.

         The condition of Leon Pulaski's body was uncertain. While the process of cryogenically freezing and reviving a body was well known, no one had ever been frozen for this long. Dr. Bryzenski from the Obninsk Naukograd ran the diagnostic routines and made a biological assessment. As far as he could determine, the body was viable and could be revived.

         Jetsun Milarepa Rinpoche from the Devil's Tower Monastery made a different assessment. "There is no soul attached to this body," he said. "If you revive it, it will appear brain dead, will require full life support and won't come out of the coma."

         "There have been cases of individuals revived from cryogenic suspension who responded in this way," Dr. Bryzenski said. "Perhaps this is why. Perhaps the soul has moved on just as with conventional death."

         "There may be a way," Milarepa replied. "If I can find his soul and convince him to return, we may be able to re-connect the body and soul. We could connect another soul to the body, but there wouldn't be much point. We need his memories and his soul contains a copy of everything that happened in his life. There is a faint energy thread still attached to the body. I will attempt to follow it and locate him."

         Milarepa retired to his private quarters to engage in deep meditation to journey to the place and reality currently occupied by the entity formerly known as Leon Pulaski. The rest of the team took a break. It was a good opportunity to visit the College and see the new children. The break was short. Milarepa returned after two days.

         "I have found him!" Milarepa announced. "He is incarnated in a body among an advanced species that resides in the Procyon star cluster. I described the recent developments on this world and he is quite excited to return and assist us in answering some of our questions. He has put his Procyon body in storage and is here now ready to re-occupy the body of Leon Pulaski when we do the revival." This was a bit 'out of the box' for Dr. Bryzenski, but he understood the concepts and was comfortable with proceeding.

         As the body began to thaw, Dr. Bryzenski's instruments began to assess the condition of the tissues. The prolonged storage at cryogenic temperatures had caused some tissue degradation, a type of 'freezer burn'. To correct this damage, Milarepa initiated his healing treatment. A Spiritual healing of this kind was based on the fact that a physical body is formed by the energetic projection from the subconscious body. Milarepa formed a mental energetic holographic blueprint of the entire physical body down to the molecular level. He then superimposed the energetic blueprint onto the physical body and directed energy into it, a lot of energy. From this, the tissues reformed with the damage corrected.

         As the tissues thawed and became pliable, life support machines were attached and activated. Then the heart was re-started. At this point, the EEG still showed a flat line, there was no brain activity. Then Milarepa used a Shamanic healing technique called 'soul retrieval'. He pulled the soul of Leon Pulaski into himself then breathed it into Leon's body through his crown chakra. Almost immediately, the EEG began showing brain activity. Shortly, the body was breathing normally and the life support equipment was removed. As the body temperature approached normal, rapid eye movement could be seen. Then the eyelids began to open to slightly forming narrow slits.

         Leon Pulaski looked up at the ceiling of the clinic and the faces of an anxious and excited staff. One face loomed prominent, a woman with one blue eye and one green eye.

         "Dora! Dora Agnesi! Is that you?" Leon asked in a faint voice.

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