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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

Chapter 44 - Reflection

"When a new skill, talent or ability is developed, it is absolutely necessary to apply it as a functional part of one's life. Skills develop with use and perish when they go unused. This applies to psychic and Spiritual skills as well as physical skills." - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         Dr. Julius Axelrod entered Iona's bar and grill. As he approached his former table, he spotted a familiar face. It was his friend Max, the Shyster, from his former life. As he approached and sat down, Max looked up at him and smiled.

         "So you are now the famous Julius Axelrod, the man we all have to thank and curse for the massive genetic reprogramming pandemic. When I handed you your own file, I was trying to warn you the only way I could, but I had no idea that you would be so creative and successful at saving your own ass," Max said.

         "I really can't take credit for it. It was a team effort and I was not the originator of the plan. It seems that I was targeted and recruited for my role," Dr. Axelrod replied.

         Max's eyes widened in a flash of understanding, "Ahh . . . the hackers had already identified you as a qualified candidate that would need their help and have no other choice?" Max replied.

         "It seems so," Dr. Axelrod agreed.

         "So, where do we go from here?" Max asked.

         "We have fragmented into several different human cultures. As long as there is universal tolerance, understanding, respect for others choices, and communication, everything should progress into a constantly improving situation," Dr. Axelrod replied.

         "And if those allowances are not practiced by even one of the fragments?" Max asked.

         "Then there will be conflict. All conflict is not bad. When conflict leads to a mutually constructive resolution, then it can be useful," Dr. Axelrod replied.

         "And when one faction is determined to impose its will on others at any cost?" Max asked.

         "We've been there. The outcome is never good," Dr. Axelrod replied.

         "So, I ask again, what now?" Max asked.

         "Well, the old Central Accounting control program has been replaced by the guardian algorithm. That is a game changer. Plato, the quantum super computer with its enhanced abilities and human soul fragment is online and searching for its own evolutionary path and it has administrative control over the new Central Accounting algorithms. That is a game changer. The other human cultures outside Central Accounting control are now known and in communication. That is also a game changer. Leon Pulaski, the man who wrote the guardian algorithms, who also hid and preserved Denver, has been found preserved in a cryogenic freezer and has been revived. Who knows what that could mean?

         Perhaps most important, a new sub-race of humans was born into the main population. They possess very advanced and powerful psychic abilities. They have been located and moved to isolated facilities where they can be nurtured, educated and trained by the best people we have. When they mature, everything that they do and don't do will have major implications.

         So, it looks like we will be experiencing a constant stimulus for change for the foreseeable future."

         Max nodded thoughtfully. They were shortly joined by the blond haired, blue eyed, green skinned Elaina Noir. "You know Elaina Noir," Max said. "She and I are negotiating . . . mating arrangements."

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