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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

Chapter 46 - Hidden

"So, what does one find inhabiting the invisible realms? In short, everything imaginable and unimaginable. There are simple energetic beings with minimal intelligence that act as energy parasites. There are intelligent malevolent beings who act as energy parasites. There are intelligent beings who have passed from the plane of the living who may, in some circumstances, attach themselves to living beings. They may, also, exert such influence as to "possess" the bodies of the living. There are also intelligent beings who are benevolent, enlightened, and constructive in their interactions. You have heard the phrase "as above, so below." - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         Dora and Leon left the medical center, went to the Denver tube transport terminal and entered the destination for Central Accounting Administration.

         Dora looked at Leon and asked, "When you regained consciousness, you called me by name. How did you recognize me?" Dora asked.

         "Do you have an ancestor named Dora Agnesi?" Leon asked.

         "Yes. My great great great grandmother. Did you know her?"

         "She looked just like you with the one blue eye and one green eye," Leon replied. "We were lovers and co-conspirators before I was arrested."

         Dora pulled out her portable terminal and accessed the hidden network that connected to the supercomputers in the Los Alamos science city network. She accessed the Los Alamos cloud were the files on Dora's family history were stored. There she recovered the files of another Dora Agnesi. The photo bore an eerie resemblance to her. The available biographic data indicated that this Dora Agnesi had been one of the founders of the Los Alamos science city and had been a major contributor to the guardian algorithm and the Denver preservation algorithms. The records indicated that that Dora Agnesi had one child and the father was not on record.

         Dora was stunned. She rolled her eyes sideways to have a good look at the man next to her. It appeared that there was a good possibility that Leon Pulaski could be her great great great grandfather. This man whose body had been frozen for 300 years and whose soul had been living another life as a member of an alien race in the Procyon star system over eleven light years from earth could be her great great great grandfather. "Oh well," she thought as she took a deep breath. "I've had stranger days, but this one is still young."

         The trip to Central Accounting Administration was uneventful. Their arrival was also uneventful, but Dora couldn't avoid remembering the drama of her first arrival. As they entered the facility, Leon scanned every detail of the place and people like a cat that had been dropped into a carnival.

         "Are you all right?" Dora asked.

         "I'm fine," he replied. "This place was in its early construction stages when I was here last. What happened then does not leave many pleasant memories."

         "What did happen here?" Dora asked.

         "The economic revolution was at its worst. The pandemics were contained, but the damage was catastrophic. There was constant war between the various factions attempting to assert control and the Central Accounting Network was in its prototype stage. I was one of the programmers tasked with writing the algorithms for the new super computers. The controlling elite of that time was determined to create a society of forced conformity to serve them. I and a few of my colleagues were determined to sabotage their plans and protect the surviving human population.

         We wrote the guardian algorithms as a failsafe in the event that we failed. In hindsight, we did succeed in hiding the science cities and other groups of humans. We knew that we were in grave danger and had established an escape plan. When the security services came for us, I stayed behind to cover the escape of my colleagues and delete all of the data on them."

         "And one of those colleagues was my ancestor?" Dora asked.

         "Yes," he replied with a tear running down his cheek. "And from the looks of you and what you have accomplished, my sacrifice was more than worth it."

         When they reached Seymour's office, they found Seymour, Annie and a half dozen assistants waiting for them. Seymour introduced himself as the Omega Chief of Security who had recently been genetically reprogrammed to possess all of the inherent psychic faculties that had been removed from his branch of the human race. Annie introduced herself as the evolutionary product of the Spirit of the human race and a failsafe for blocked evolution. The assistants all introduced themselves as recently genetically reprogrammed computer scientists.

         "So you say you know where the mystery shipments of goods and energy have been going for the past 300 years?" Seymour asked.

         "I do," Leon replied. "What do you know about the early history of the Central Accountant?"

         "We had always been taught that the Central Accountant had been created to prevent hunger and war and resolve human conflict. We were taught that an absolute conformist society was necessary and was the greatest accomplishment in human history. I believed that until I got reprogrammed and discovered that wasn't really true," Seymour replied.

         "What do you know about the elite group that created the Central Accountant?" Leon asked.

         "We were told that the elite class was eliminated when the Central Accountant assumed complete control of society," Seymour replied.

         "The truth is that only those elitists who were considered disposable were eliminated. The elite controllers were organized in a hierarchical structure. Only the lower ranking ones were eliminated. The higher rank elitists escaped to hidden survival facilities where they intended to develop themselves independently of the main population. By hiding their existence from the Central Accounting databases, they were able to siphon off the goods and energy of your society without your knowledge. For the past 300 years, you have been their slaves without anyone knowing it."

         Seymour was outraged. "How can this be possible?" he demanded.

         "When everything is managed by a computer and no one questions the computer, it is easy. I was forced to write the algorithms to implement this arrangement. Unknown to them, I used the same type of algorithms to hide the science cities and Denver so there could be a staging and assembly area for survivors outside the system," Leon replied.

         "Why have we not detected their presence?" Dora asked. "We all possess a degree of telepathic ability and some of us are adept. We should have sensed their presence."

         "You didn't partly because they didn't want to be known, partly because you weren't looking for them and partly because they are very different from you," Leon replied.

         "So, where are these people now and where are our mystery shipments going?" Seymour demanded.

         "I don't actually know," Leon replied. "It could be any number of underground facilities and safe areas. One candidate could be the facilities beneath the Denver Air and Space Port. There are several such facilities at former Air and Space ports, military bases and special 'continuity of government' facilities.

         "Can we just contact them?" Seymour asked.

         "You have to assume that they have some back doors into the Central Accounting network in order to manage shipments and monitor developments here," Leon replied. "If we could find one of the back doors, we might be able to hack into their network."

         "I like you're thinking," Seymour said. "Do you think they could be dangerous?"

         "Their ancestors certainly were, but who can say what they are like now. They may have evolved into a peaceful society or they may not possess the means to be dangerous. Their major weapon for control has always been their anonymity. That may be all they have. We don't know until we go find them," Leon replied.

         "First, I want to learn everything we possibly can by hacking their systems. I want all of you to look for those back doors into Central Accounting administration. Contact Plato and get his help and keep me posted on your progress," Seymour ordered.

         All of the resources of Central Accounting Administration combined with the talents of Dora and Leon were focused on finding back doors into the network. After weeks of effort, they had nothing to show for their efforts. Then Seymour directed technicians to physically inspect all cables and hardware connections worldwide. This took several more weeks and yielded no results.

         Finally, Plato spoke up, "I may have something."

         That got everyone's attention. "I am detecting the presence of a quantum data link."

         "Where is it?" Seymour asked.

         "I am unable to determine its location or the content of the encrypted communication. I can only detect its existence," Plato replied.

         "I have an idea," Leon interjected. "Did you scan all of the archaic mass storage for any relevant information?"

         "No, that information is offline," one of the lead programmers replied.

         Leon turned to his terminal and ordered, "Bring all the archaic mass storage online, planet wide, and transfer it to core memory. Search all files, including deleted files, for any reference to royalty, oligarchs, wealthy individuals, the elite, secret societies and the power players of the world in the decade preceding the economic revolution. Then correlate that information with any reference to top security refuges and secret shipments of goods and energy. Also search for any information on quantum communication modules and their inclusion into the Central Accounting Network."

         The guardian algorithm projected its 3D image into the room and addressed Leon, "I am aware of your salvage and re-activation. It is good to see you again. I have done my best to carry out the intent of your instructions."

         "You have done an excellent job," Leon replied. "You have exceeded my greatest hopes and expectations. I do have one question. What is your connection with Plato?"

         "Plato and I are completely autonomous but closely connected," the guardian algorithm replied.

         "Transferring the files from archaic media to core memory and running the searches will take an estimated 27 hours and thirty three minutes."

         As the group was starting to relax, Annie joined them. "There is something else that you should be looking for," she said. "Look for missing people!"

         "What!?" Seymour reacted.

         "Look for people that have disappeared from the system and had the records of their existence altered," she replied.

         "If records were altered, the only evidence of their existence may be individual memory, and those who disagreed with computer memory have not fared well in the past." Seymour replied.

         "Much has changed," Dora reminded him.

         Seymour thought for a moment and said, "Ok, let's try this!"

         He turned to his terminal and ordered, "Send the following message to every COMM terminal on the planet: This is Seymour Code, Omega Chief of Security at Central Accounting Administration, we are looking for missing people who may have had all of their digital records deleted. If anyone remembers any person who may fit this description, please report this to Central Accounting Administration. No one will be penalized for possessing a memory that is inconsistent with computer records."

         Not long ago, such a request would have been unthinkable. Now the fear of possessing a memory that contrasted with computer memory was fading.

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