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The Non-Conformity Chronicles

Chapter 7 - From Out of Nowhere

"We become convinced that we are nothing more than matter, that we are constrained by the laws of Newtonian Physics, that the rules based on the materialist reductionist models cannot be broken. When we witness and experience a reality that does not conform to these definitions and limitations, we have opened a door that can never be closed." - From The Non-Conformist Training Manual

         "We still have a long journey and we need to re-supply," she said as she steered the vehicle into a former shopping mall. The first stop was a large camping and hiking box store. They walked through the deserted store with shelves and racks filled with impeccably preserved and maintained merchandise. They selected packs, light weight camping gear, clothing, boots and freeze dried ration packs. They changed into fresh clothing and hiking boots, shouldered their new, well equipped packs and returned to the vehicle.

         The next stop was the grand hotel. The grand hotel was a five star hotel, completely deserted but fully maintained, of course. Dora walked behind the counter picked up a couple of keys and walked to the elevator. She helped Dr. Baker into his room. His leg was swollen from the alligator bite and he was beginning to limp.

Dora examined the wounds. "Looks like your wounds are getting infected," she said. "Take a quick shower, then I will clean, disinfect and dress them."

         With showers, new clean clothes and wounds dressed, they went to the hotel restaurant. "Most of the restaurants and food courts in town are stocked with non-perishable food, but this one we have reprogrammed to maintain an inventory of fresh food," Dora explained. "This is where we stay when we are traveling through here."

         The restaurant was set up like a well stocked delicatessen. There were refrigerated shelves filled with prepared sandwiches, salads and fresh fruits. Another bank of shelves contained complete freeze dried meal trays held at near cryogenic temperatures. In this state, they would keep almost indefinitely and could be easily restored with a microwave re-hydrator. Two and one half full meals later, Dr. Baker leaned back in his chair and said, "I have never been so hungry and I have never eaten so much at one time."

         They staggered to their rooms, fell into bed and slept like logs till nearly noon the following day. Dora knocked on his door and entered. He was just getting out of the shower and was half dressed. "Better let me look at your legs again," she said. "Gator bites are notoriously famous for becoming infected wounds." The wounds were red, swollen and oozing puss. She cleaned, disinfected and bandaged them again. "Your wounds are infected. We need some help with this," she said.

         "But, if this city is fully stocked, shouldn't there be a complete selection of antibiotics in the clinics and hospitals?" he asked.

         "There are, but they never work as well as the alternatives," she replied.

         "There are no alternatives!" he responded authoritatively.

         "Ah, but there are. Take herbal antibiotics, for example," she replied.

         "Herbal antibiotics were replaced by more powerful synthetic antibiotics centuries ago," he responded.

         "Do you deny that the pathogens developed resistance and immunity to synthetic antibiotics?" she asked.

         "No. But . . ." he responded.

         "And yet the pathogens have not developed resistance to herbal antibiotics wild crafted from nature. Do you know why?" she asked.

         "Uh . . . no," he replied not quite sure if he agreed with what she was saying.

         "Why do you think that living plants and animals aren't consumed by the pathogens, bacteria and fungi that are all around us? It is because life is adaptable and living organisms have the ability to adapt to the pathogens as quickly as the pathogens can adapt to antibiotics. So, as soon as a pathogen develops a resistance to a natural antibiotic, the organism adjusts its internal antibiotics to protect itself from the pathogen," Dora replied.

         "I hadn't thought of that before," he admitted.

         "We could go the antibiotic route, but there is something even better. I'll need a few minutes of quiet without being distracted," she responded.

         Dora sat on the floor with her back to the wall, her feet and toes touching, her hands and fingers touching in a prayer position, her eyes closed and breathing deeply. Her breathing slowed and she became very still. The entire space became very still as well.

         Suddenly, a perceptible chill engulfed the room. In the middle of the room, the air seemed to shimmer and become fuzzy. Then, a man appeared, as if from nowhere. He was dressed in a dark brown rough woolen cloak with a hood back around his neck. He looked at Dr. Baker with glowing pale blue eyes and a broad smile. He stepped forward and looked intently at Dr. Baker's injured leg. By now it was red, very swollen, very painful, oozing yellow pus from the deep tooth marks, and radiating red streaks from the wound. Dr. Baker recognized this to be a serious infection and the beginning of septicemia. He was in serious trouble.

         The mysterious man placed his hands over the leg, breathed deeply and rolled his eyes up in his head. The leg began to look a bit fuzzy, took on a light blue then green glow and began to morph into a perfect uninjured leg. After a few minutes he removed his hands leaving a perfect leg with no signs of injury. He turned and looked at Dora. They smiled and nodded and the man turned and walked into the center of the hotel room as the air around him started becoming fuzzy again. Then he was gone and no trace had been left behind, except for the healed leg. Not a word had been spoken, at least not verbally.

         Dr. Baker was so far out of his comfort zone that he was in a state of shock. He was so far beyond any point of imaginable reference that he had to struggle to formulate a question.

         "Who or what was that?" he asked.

         "A friend. A colleague. He is a monk from the Devil's Tower Monastery who is renowned for his healing abilities. He is much better at it than I am, so I asked him to help. We could have gone the antibiotic and tissue debridement route, but that takes longer and we are in a bit of a hurry. You understand!" she replied.

         "Sure," the doctor replied, surprising himself at his response.

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