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Portable Wire Antennas

Portable Wire Antennas

         This is not a book on antenna theory. It does provide clear easily understood explanations on the principles of antenna operation, transmission line considerations, impedance matching, baluns, tuners, and the pros and cons of different types and configurations of wire antennas.

         This book is written with the intention of enabling a new comer to amateur radio to understand the theory and practical considerations of this subject without getting lost in mathematics and complex theory.

         Portable, reliable HF communication is required for emergency management, expedition communications and recreational uses. This book is about selecting and constructing portable HF wire antennas that will provide maximum performance with low power, light weight and low bulk. All the information required to assemble antennas and antenna kits that can be deployed in multiple configurations is provided.

         Special attention is given to wire antennas deployed at low heights above ground, a situation confronted by operators on the move. Special attention is also given to NVIS (Near Vertical Incident Skywave) communications, which is also optimum with low antenna elevation. NVIS propagation enables communications in the 50-500 mile range regardless of terrain and independent of repeaters.

         With two or three low suspension points (8-20 ft.), one can deploy wire antennas that cover the 160-30 meter bands (those capable of NVIS propagation) with performance optimized for NVIS communication.

         With a single high suspension point that can be improvised from one or two tall trees, buildings or cliff faces and one of the antenna launch systems described here, one can deploy multiple antenna options that can be configured from the modular antenna kit. These include inverted V resonant or random wire dipoles, long wire antennas, sloper dipoles and inverted L antennas for efficient all-band regional use. It also covers terminated V beam and inverted half rhombic beam antennas optimized for 20-10 meters while being broad band (no tuner required), low noise gain equal to or greater than a high dipole.

         With two medium to high suspension points (15-80 ft. depending on the band), one can install half square wire antennas that produce high gain low angle radiation that is optimum for DX operation. Dropping one of the wire curtains converts the same antenna into a general coverage multi-band inverted L.

         With the versatility of the modular antenna components described here, one can quickly assemble, deploy and dis-assemble and roll up high performance wire antennas that are adaptable to nearly any operating environment and communications objective.

Table of Contents

Backpack Portable Communications
Accuracy, Errors, Opinions, etc.
Antenna Performance Comparison
Ground, Ground Plane and Counterpoise
Lightning Protection
Antenna System Components
The Transmission Line
Antenna Tuners
Baluns, Un-Uns and Transformers
Wire Antennas
Deploying Wire Antennas
The Reel Wire Dipole Antenna Kit
The Modular Wire Antenna Kit
Antenna Height
Dipole Configurations
Vertical Ground Plane Wire Antennas
Twin Lead Folded Dipole
All Band Random Wire Dipole
The Extended Double Zep Antenna
The Off Center Fed Dipole
The Terminated Folded Dipole
NVIS Antenna Deployments
Building a Portable NVIS Antenna
Horizontal Loop Antenna
End Fed Antennas
Ground Deployed Wire Antennas
Traveling Wave Antennas
The Long Wire Antenna
The Beverage Receiving Antenna
The Inverted Half Rhombic Antenna
The Terminated V Beam
Positive Gain Antennas
High Gain Vertical Array Antennas
The Inverted L Antenna
Radio Wave Propagation
Propagation Modes


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