Natural Treatments for Genital Herpes, Cold Sores and Shingles: A Review of the Scientific and Medical Literature Clear Springs Press

Natural Treatments for Genital Herpes, Cold Sores and Shingles: A Review of the Scientific and Medical Literature

Chapter 2 - Natural, Alternative & Complementary Treatments

         The modalities descibed here may affect the herpes viruses and herpes virus infections in a variety of ways.

         Some of these supplements may offer more than one useful mechanism of action.

         Herpes virus outbreaks and other infections occur when the immune system is compromised or weakened. The immune system can be compromised by stress, nutritional deficiencies, suboptimum nutrition, and age.

         Stress is one of the most common and powerful immune system suppressors. Stress causes hormonal changes which directly inhibit the function of the immune system. Stress management is extremely important for infection prevention and treatment. Methods of dealing with stress are beyond the scope of this book.

         Nutritional deficiencies produce overt symptoms such as goiter from iodine deficiency, scurvy from vitamin C deficiency, etc. Suboptimum nutrition, on the other hand, means that the classical overt symptoms of deficiencies may not be present, but supplementation of key nutrients may produce greater health, more energy, or improved immune system function.

         Age can also be a factor in immune system efficiency but seems to be less of factor than stress or poor nutrition.

         In addition to improving immune function by optimum nutrition and stress management, there are several substances which specifically boost immune function. These include Thymic Protein A, Beta Glucan, Lactoferrin, and an over the counter drug called Cimetadine.

         The next section provides a brief summary of the nutritional factors and alternative treatments for herpes virus infections and possibly some related viral infections. It is recommended that you read the full chapter on each modality. The references on each modality are included at the end of the book and listed by chapter.

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