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Mind Sight - Background Information

      Before the term "Remote Viewing" entered our vocabulary and before there was any public awareness of the US Government Intelligence Agencies use of remote viewing as a means of gathering information, Lloyd Hopkins developed his Mind Sight training program. There is no relationship or connection between Mind Sight and Remote Viewing. They do of course access the same faculties of consciousness.

      Lloyd Hopkins developed his mind sight training program with the intent of enabling the blind to see without the use of eyes. He gave numerous demonstrations before university groups and blind associations, etc. His demonstrations were met with amazement but not acceptance. His students were mostly people who were sincere, free of skepticism and successful in their accomplishment of mind sight. They were baffled by the negative response that they received. When Lloyd Hopkins passed this plane in 1994, no one continued his work. This is probably because the mind sight program was not focused on self promotion and entertainment, but on training and empowering individuals to become greater people through developing their mind sight. That was more of a stretch of acceptance or more of a commitment of effort than most individuals could manage. For the individuals involved, the mind sight training was an important chapter in their personal development. They all moved forward in pursuit of their own lives.

      Lloyd Hopkins program was unique in several respects:

      (1) Lloyd Hopking did not charge for his training. His program was never an economic entity. This is in keeping with the Native American tradition that Spiritual gifts have to be gifted and cannot be sold. (Lloyd Hopking and some of his students were of native American lineage.)

      (2) Mr.Hopkins always instructed students one on one. He found this approach to be more effective than working with groups.

      (3) His program was highly successful. Approximately 60% of his students were able to demonstrate some level of Mind Sight as a result of their training. 3% were exceptional and were able to do things like drive a car or read a book while blindfolded. I know of no other school or training program that can claim this kind of success.

      (4) The Mind Sight program actually enables an individual to develop the ability to exercise Mind Sight. In contrast, most of the published information on Remote Viewing emphasizes discipline and the use of a systematic methodology of collecting, recording and later analyzing impressions.

      (5) He tailored the training to each individual. He would assess the mental, physical and energy status of his students and prescribe individual exercises for them based on the results of their tests.

      (6) The "energy" status of the trainee was critical. Those with a high energy level were able to learn and perform and those with a low energy level could not. Mr. Hopkins used Kirlian photography to assess their energy level. This emphasis on energy is consistent with many shamanic and esoteric schools but does not appear in any of the literature on Remote Viewing.

      (7) Mr. Hopkins studied many Spiritual and esoteric traditions from many sources. He tied them all together with the principle of the three selves of the Huna as elaborated by Max Freedom Long.

      (8) At some point in the training a distinct "breakthrough" was experienced where the student would begin literally seeing with their mind as if their mind had eyes of its own. Some reported a visual image of a television screen upon which they would literally "see" the object or scene of interest.

      (9) Mind Sight program was initially conceived as a practical application of enabling blind individuals to see without the use of their eyes. One of the star demonstrators of mind sight skills was, in fact, a blind person.

      (10) It took approximately nine months to one year of persistent, consistent work to achieve success with an individual. Initially, training sessions were conducted one on one once per week. When the student's energy level was up to it, they would increase the number of sessions per week.

Training Manual for Sight Without Eyes - Through Mind Sight and Perception - Lloyd hopkins

Before there was any public disclosure of the U.S. Government's Remote Viewing Research, Lloyd F. Hopkins developed one of the most successful training programs ever for expanding Human Awareness beyond the five senses. His motivation was the exploration of expanded human consciousness, and his desire to help blind people see without eyes. This is the only book that Mr. Hopkins published on his work.

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