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Mind Sight - Introduction
by Lloyd Hopkins

      This book will present a concept that I hope you will find interesting and significant so that it will capture your attention and prompt you to study and action.

      There are several groups of handicapped people; one of the most obvious is the blind. Society has established special schools to teach the blind special methods of reading, walking, and using guide dogs. Also, society provides a certain amount of academic and vocational skills needed to function with limited success in a world geared for sighted people. Blind people have advanced quite a bit from the days when they were almost completely dependent upon others for care and support.

      However, service and training are still based on teaching the blind to accept a world of darkness and to feel their way through life. These blind people are still restricted in many ways. The things you and I take for granted -bright city lights, a beautiful sunset, the sight of their loved ones- are still denied to these people. They also are denied many jobs and numerous activities that the rest of us use to fill our lives.

      These limitations I hope may not have to continue. In the past eighteen years of study and experimenting, I have come to believe that the blind may be taught to see through present investigation and continued research. In the past eighteen years I have taught many people of normal sight to see in varying degrees, with perception other than their eyes. During the past few years I have had success in working with some blind students. I am quite certain that more could learn to see.

      Think for just a moment of the significance of this possibility: no more white canes, no more guide dogs, no more dependence on Braille, no more hesitant tentative steps while walking. Instead, blind people will have a chance at independence and fulfillment of life.

      What I've just told you may sound unbelievable -like science fiction or wild dreams- but it is a reality. We have only scratched the surface in our study of this remarkable phenomena that I call "Mind Sight."

      This book contains some of the findings of my eighteen-year journey into a realm that today is a normal part of my life. My experience and the demonstrations of my students prove how limitless the mind is once one determines to go beyond what is thought possible.

      In this book I have tried to lay the ground work for those of you dedicated to humanitarian services or professional study. Teaching the blind to see was not my original intent; but during my course of research it was something that I brought to light and felt was something great that couldn't be ignored. The concept of Mind Sight is multi-faceted in which abilities are not restricted to just seeing without eyes. However, this book will concentrate on vision.

      The material contained in this book is not all my own thought and words; much of it came from lectures, students, newspapers articles, and material read from books and other publications that I have gathered over the past eighteen years (the author of most of it unknown to me). I hope that by using a variety of sources I can put effectively into words the beliefs, ideas, principles, and philosophy that were necessary to mold Mind Sight into a proven and workable concept. I am grateful for the help that I received from the students, authors, and lectures.

      The knowledge, secrets, and conditions necessary to allow an individual to avail himself to Mind Sight is all in the book and will come to you in the form of discussions and basic exercises. Read the material thoroughly. Any sentence, phrase, paragraph. Or series of paragraphs used more than once intentionally to emphasize its importance.

      Please do not attempt to change the ideas, concepts, text, beliefs, principles, or philosophy, as well must be present for the concept to work.

      Mind Sight, like other great mind advances, can be fully realized only by those who dedicate themselves and dare to think about and accept the unbelievable.

- Lloyd F. Hopkins

Training Manual for Sight Without Eyes - Through Mind Sight and Perception - Lloyd hopkins

Before there was any public disclosure of the U.S. Government's Remote Viewing Research, Lloyd F. Hopkins developed one of the most successful training programs ever for expanding Human Awareness beyond the five senses. His motivation was the exploration of expanded human consciousness, and his desire to help blind people see without eyes. This is the only book that Mr. Hopkins published on his work.

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