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Portable Wire Antennas

How to Live on Wheat
Essene Bread

Natural Treatments for Herpes, Cold Sores & Shingles
Ch2 - Natural, Complementary and Alternative Treatments

Colloidal silver: a Literature Review: Medical Uses, Toxicology and Manufacture
History of Colloidal Silver
Toxicology of Colloidal Silver

Mind Sight and Perception


The Path
How do You Change the World?
The Value of Knowledge
The Two Paradigms

Water Collection
and Purification

Changing the Paradigm

Changing the Paradigm: A Training Manual for Healers and Spiritual Warriors

A paradigm is a way of thinking with a set of assumptions and boundaries that define what is possible, what is not possible, and how things work. Paradigms are built on other paradigms. At the heart of it all are two core paradigms that explain everything that is destructive in our world and everything that is constructive. From this understanding, a path is presented for shifting the dominant paradigm to the constructive win-win way. This path is one of personal growth and transformation. This is a training manual for healers, spiritual warriors, seekers and finders. This is a practical course based on the real experiences of real people. The content draws on Judeo-Christian, Eastern, Native American, Mystical and Shamanic traditions. The application of this training is both a personal growth process, and by extension, a method of contributing to a major paradigm shift.


Part I - Background

About This Manual
About Religion
What is a Spiritual Warrior?
How to Change the World?
The One Hundredth Monkey and the 10,000
The Value of Knowledge
Ethics and Morality in the Context of Human Psychic Superpowers
Good and Evil
The Two Paradigms
Aliens and Extraterrestrials
Ghosts, Angels and Demons
The Three Minds
Energy - The Spiritual Light

Part II - Reconnecting to the Source

Course Syllabus
Lesson I Meditation-I
Lesson II Changing Your Mind
Lesson III Psychic Self Defense
Lesson IV Self Empowerment Through Forgiveness
Lesson V Recapitulation
Lesson VI Recovering Energy from Pain
Lesson VII Healing and Recharging Vital Energy
Lesson VIII Qi Gong
Lesson IX The Art and Science of Prayer
Lesson X Meditation-II
What Comes Next?
Appendix A Meditation Exercises

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