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Colloidal Silver Medical Uses, Toxicology & Manufacture

colloidal silver

         This book is a comprehensive, current and objective reference on colloidal silver. It is a thorough review of old and recent scientific and medical literature on the medical and toxicological aspects of silver colloids.

         Colloidal Silver has been promoted as a wonder cure for all infectious diseases and denounced by the FDA as an unapproved and ineffective drug. So, what are the facts?

         Up through the 1940's silver medicines were sold in over four dozen forms and used as a near universal antibiotic. They were quickly phased out with the introduction of penicillin and other patented antibiotics. The medical literature on silver medicine from the middle of the 1800's to the middle of the 1900's is extensive. Most of this old literature was collected, analyzed and summarized.

         There have been numerous informal or anecdotal reports published on the internet. There have also been well documented invitro (in a petri dish in a lab) studies performed on the antimicrobial effects of colloidal silver on many micro-organisms. Some of this data is collected and summarized.

         There have been informal studies on silver absorption and elimination published only on the internet. There has also been some modern research on the microbiology of silver and silver products. This data has also been collected and summarized.

         Because of over use, over dosage and the use of more toxic forms of silver medicines, a condition called argyria (staining of the skin by silver deposits) was reported in some patients from the earlier era. A number of prejudicial statements have been made against silver medicine because of the argyria issue. A detailed and objective analysis with all available information is presented. Argyria is easily avoided if it is understood.

         This book does not give medical advise and does not promote silver use. It also leaves many medical questions unanswered simply because the answers don't exist in published literature. It does present a compilation of a massive amount of available documented information that all individuals interested in silver medicine should have.

Table of Contents

Brief History of Silver and Silver Colloids in Medicine
The Different Forms of Colloidal Silver
Absorption and Elimination of Silver
Silver Toxicity - How Much is Harmful?
Silver Toxicity Summary
Treating Argyria
Mechanism of Action - How it Works
The Germicidal Properties of Colloidal Silver
Antibiotic Properties of Colloidal Silver
Silver Applied as a Topical Germ Fighter
The Development of Silver Resistance in Bacteria
Effective Dosage - How Much is Required?
Silver & Electro-Colloidal Silver in Wound Treatment
Iontophoresis using Silver and Copper
Modern Scientific Homeopathy
Silver in Classical Homeopathy
The Ayurvedic Properties of Silver
Colloidal Silver as a Food Supplement
The Manufacture of Colloidal Silver
Government Regulation of Colloidal Silver
The Future of Colloidal Silver
Appendix A - List of Pre & Post 1938 Documented Uses for Colloidal Silver
Appendix B - List of Pathogens Killed by American Silver Products Colloidal Silver
Appendix C - Correspondence and Reports from Colloidal Silver Users
Appendix D - Recent Colloidal Silver Patents
Appendix E - Colloidal Silver Internet Resources


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