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Colloidal Silver Medical Uses, Toxicology & Manufacture

Silver Toxicity Summary

         It appears that healthy adults may be able to take as much as 2 mg of colloidal silver per day without overwhelming the body's elimination mechanisms. Additional research needs to be done to test this hypothesis.

         Individuals with kidney disease may be at increased risk for developing silver toxicity. This is a reasonable assumption since it appears that the kidneys are a major pathway in eliminating silver from the body. Drinking extra water increases silver elimination and may reduce silver accumulation and risk of toxicity.

         Liver disease may increase silver toxicity. Silver may interfere with certain metaloenzymes in the liver, especially if there is a deficiency of selenium or vitamin E. Taking extra supplements of selenium and vitamin E may reduce an individual's susceptibility to silver toxicity. This is based on the finding that supplementation decreased liver toxicity in rats and that rats deficient in these nutrients were more susceptible to silver toxicity.

         Some silver salts are significantly more toxic than colloidal silver, and silver compounds introduce many additional variables.

         Larger doses and more concentrated forms of silver increase risk of toxicity and argyria since they may exceed the body's ability to eliminate the excess silver.

         Risk of silver toxicity or argyria may be reduced by avoiding any silver consumption for a period of three to four months after the completion of a therapeutic regimen. Based on Dr. Altman's experiment, this would give the body time to eliminate much of the stored silver in the body before continuing treatment.

         The risk of silver toxicity and argyria may be reduced if the total cumulative dosage is kept under one gram of silver, especially if large doses are being consumed or there is kidney or liver dysfunction present.

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